Friday, March 16, 2007

Getting Entergy out of Dodge!

Remember the plot of the Magnificent Seven, not to be confused with the Chicago Seven?

It just started with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen... and a small village under the thumb of an evil gang (cough! Entergy...) which owned everything, the bar, the goods and supplies store, the mayor, the sheriff, the church, the whore house even!

The local town's people were so afraid they couldn't move a muscle, crippled by fear, terrified. So they went to get a gun fighter, who couldn't do it alone, went and got another... and that wasn't enough... so they looked for more. And then they were Seven.
Right now it's more like the Good, The Bad & The Ugly... We know who we are... As a matter of fact Eli Wallach played in both films. We're not nice guys. We're gun fighters, we shoot from the hip, we're fast, we're cool, we're ruthless, we're dudes, we fight amongst ourselves, and your women fall in love with us, cause we're bad boys, we don't bathe, we don't shave, because we're here to get the job done.
Get Entergy out of Dodge!
As a kid I dreamed of being two things, Abbie Hoffman and James Coburn. I once saw a movie where James Coburn played a pirate, A High Wind in Jamaica, and I said to myself, that's me... That's who I want to be. Tall, slim, twisted, inscrutable, sexy, mean, wonderful... and I became that man... and soon, in a few months, I will be leaving environmental activism behind, after 30 years, to join the ranks of Hollywood actors, because I freakin' deserve it after doing their dirty green work for so many years... I want to be the new Vincent Price... I want to play super-villains... I want to relish in my persona.
So you see, Indian Point, for me, it's just honing my chops, a peice of cake really, frosting on it... I haven't even gotten started yet, because after we chase Entergy out of town, we'll track'em down, all the way down, to Bayou country... and like Swamp Thing, we'll bog'em down, drown'em in their own folly.

I'm being accused of driving a poor young woman crazy right now... with my antics... and for the first time in my life, I'm not apologizing for it, because she signed on, we toasted stout over it, and she's in till the bitter end, kicking and screaming if we have to. Sergio Leone once said, "The best characters are the sinners who look like saints."

That's a western. That's a real western... Just ask the Peekskill historian!

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