Thursday, March 15, 2007

Indian Point, Jonestown on Hudson?

Almost 30 years ago in a White Night of horror, Jim Jones followers were involved in a mass suicide/murder as their utopia crashed down around them. It has been argued that the events which led up to, and allowed that massacre to occur amounted to a perfect storm that saw almost 1,000 followers of a failed and false movement destroy themselves, rather than wait around for society to do it for short, their dreams and beliefs destroyed, their utopia exposed as a non working, fractured social experiment gone wrong, coupled with a poorly timed Congressional Investigation/Fact Finding Mission created a perfect Jonestown storm where human destruction on a large scale was preferable to facing the truth, and owning up to the lies.

Jim Jones, rather than admit he was wrong, rather than allow failure to see the light of day, chose death, for himself and his long before enough lies exposed show people the truth of Indian Point, of the nuclear industry, and in that proverbial hour of judgement and enlightenment, how many reactor crews will choose death for themselves, their reactors, and their communities, rather than admit their facilities are a danger to human health and the environment?

Jonestown happened because Jim Jones and his rabid inner circle believed the world was out to get them, were convinced a movement was out to shut them down, and end their utopian religious experiment...different words, different parties, but go into any bar frequented by Entergy employees, and you are likely to hear paranoid, rabidly loyal pro nuclear zealots who worship/work at the temple of Indian Point talking in conspiratorial tones about the ANTI NUKERS out to get them at all costs, out to shut down the facility, out to cost them their jobs. Listen long enough, and you will hear the lamentations of madmen plotting the deaths of those who oppose their nuclear utopia...booze talking, or warning sirens of a hell to come, sitting just out on the horizon hoping for a perfect storm?

Here in the Hudson River Valley 24 miles north of New York, and in every community playing host to aging, brittling temples (reactors) created to tithe the demon spawn of the now failed nuclear religion (industry) indicators hint that perfect storms are brewing on the horizon with both America and France perfect spawning grounds, and one has to wonder when and if we will see the Larry Gottlieb's and James Steets of the nuclear industry (realizing their temple of lies and the proganda to fuel them have failed) changing course, and preaching to their own the wisdom of going out in a nuclear mushroom cloud of glory rather than having to live in a nuclear reactor free society. Will NRC's Commissioner Diaz give the industry his blessing of a world wide deliberate nuclear meltdown/holocaust with one of the agency's Generic Letters, or will the beginning of the end start with just one wild cat reactor crew, with others joining in as the sky begins to glow a deathly nuclear green? The entire nuclear industry knows they are one major incident away from losing it all...they know they are gambling with our lives our futures, and or communities...simple equations say the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and when it does what will the cost nuclear armagedon be?

When will the owners of these doomed reactors order their minions to release the army of isotopes as one reactor after another is put into deliberate meltdown in a misplaced attempt to seek revenge on the ANTI NUKERS as they themselves (nuclear plant employees) embrace and carress their own nuclear long do we have here in America before the PERFECT STORM SEES REACTORS EXPLODING IN THE NIGHT? When that incident happens, will it make any difference if the incident that destroys New York was an accident we saw coming, or a deliberate act of vengeance, a Jonestown on the Hudson?

NEI, DOE, NRC and the rest of the nuclear industry including Entergy have wrongfully believed in their own nuclear nirvana for decades, ignoring truth after truth that showed those with even a modecum of sense that nuclear was neither a green nor safe energy...problem is, just as with most religious zealots, just as with most cults such as Al Quida, the true believers waiting for their place in heaven with the 72 virgins, truth does not matter, reality easily pushed aside when you have bought into a lie of safe, vital and secure nuclear energy. Praise Allah, Thank You Jesus, and whoever says leaking spent fuel pools are a problem speaks blasphemy, and needs to die.

All things must support the one TRUTH, the only truth as the followers of the one true power preach to the unsaved non believers. The ONE WORLD ORDER as national boundaries are eliminated in favor of a ruling nuclear royal class led by King George whose father, George Bush I began the nuclear dynasty of 1,000 years with the privatization of the gaseous diffusion plants, and the creation of USEC...hollow be thine name...PRAISE BE TO KING GEORGE, AND HALIBURTON IS THE KINGDOM OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND DEAD EYE DICK CHENEY.

We (DOD/DOE/NRC) want a world in which America is king of the nuclear maintain that reality, we need a Nuclear Renaissance, a new generation of reactors. For that to happen, we have to change public perceptions, even if we have to lie to accomplish it, and we have to extend the lives of existing reactors...A religion was/is born. GREEN Nuclear POWER, the great birth mother of the new Baby Jesus who will save us from our CO2 sins, give us a NuStart with CASEnergy acting as the 13 disciples, and the holy trinity being DOE, NRC and NEI with the AEI holding the keys to the gates of the great nuclear society, Iran assigned the role of the angel fallen from grace and cast down into pergatory with North Korea and Osama Bin Laden. Can't you see 10's of thousands of children all dressed in green jump suits goose stepping past the parade stand? EYES RIGHT! The Chants as they march off to war, "All Praise To Nuclear, Entergy is Our God!"

Anything that does not support the one power must be/shall be demonized, any one trying to stop the creation and building of this new nuclear utopia must be silenced at all costs. Nuclear is the Father, son and creator of the hydrogen has been written, foretold, and so it must be...let the brainwashing begin. Employees, slowly at first, then in mass numbers converted to born again witnesses of the virtues of the GREEN NUCLEAR INDUSTRY that gives them their daily bread. The fact that battery technology is the key to the EV industry is academic, that reality hidden in technology suppression that has gone on for decades. The masses need to think nuclear is necessary for the EV reality to move forward into reality...the lie of nuclear's neccessity is academic, something peasants need not know.

This small group, whipped into a nuclear frenzy, armed with pro nuclear bibles, and literature/propaganda designed by deacons and bishops within the temple of NEI are sent out as a new army of nuclear missionaries, convinced that their jobs, even their lives depend on selling the lie that nuclear is clean, vital, safe and secure green energy, the savior from global warming. So beautiful and pure...the perfect lie, almost believable until we see that first MAJOR incident that brings with it the perfect storm.

Some of these missionaries know/knew the truth, have escaped before they were sucked into this great dark black vortex of lies and deceit...for these fortunates, their own values and moral compass would not allow them to play a part in the second coming of the black death (the first being the plague). For others, perhaps like Steven Lessard, being a part of the lies, being a high priest in the NuStart Nuclear Coven was too much, and they chose to end their own life, and the lives of those they loved rather than continue further down the passage into the pits of hell that is America's 103 aging reactors and the lies involved in relicensing them. Speculation at its best some will say...true enough. But then Entergy, the NRC and the NEI have no problems speculating on the safety and reliability of aging, brittling reactors, and gambling with our lives that they can keep them safe for another 20 quaint.

Was murder/suicide a more attractive reality than being a part of the great nuclear utopian lie that is setting our community up for a nuclear holocaust of biblical proportions? We do not know, the answer hidden from us as the black angels of nuclear secrets sweep into our community to bury and hide from us any clues leading to the truth. Was the Lessard family tested for radioactve contaminants in the autopsy? Our health and safety at best is secondary to profits, and the dawn of a second nuclear age that will be far more sinister than the first has already been. Hide the truth, bury the aborted nuclear failures, and tout Yucca Mountain, we shall over come, and praise be to the isotope, hallowed be thine atom. The Lessard's of Nuclear Energy are soldiers of the one God, cancer deaths in the general population around nuclear reactors nothing more than justifiable collateral damage (ALARA).

Come, drink my blood in memory of me, accept Entergy donations in the community in rememberance of your body and skin that will be burned to vapors when reactor three blows the name of the father, the son and the holy fusion process...amen.

Jim Jones, Jonestown, obscure references and inferences to the Holocaust, ignore them children, they are the ANTI NUKERS, a blight on the silken fabric of our societal cloth...they should be gathered up and sent to the mines up on the you know why George Bush called for the building of that settlement to be built over on the dark side...some mine for uranium, the melange of our time, while the non believers bury our waste in the Dunes on the dark side of the moon...remember the Third Reich? The nuclear industry promises us a hydrogen economy and a Electric Vehicle in every garage...Hitler promised the peoples car and Volkswagen flourished only after the secind World War. Much like Bush, Hitler claimed a belief in God, and both men see themselves holding dominion over the world. The Germans held old fashioned book burnings to control the flow of knowledge and truth. We instead have George Bush, Dick Cheney and the NRC using 9/11 and National Security as their excuse to remove the truth from our sight, all in the name of the NEI and a New World Order disquised as a Nuclear are with us or against, and thanks to the Patriot Act, we do know where you live.

Yes, the relicensing process is fixed, our lives being bartered for 35 pieces of Judas silver as Entergy for 20 more years of profit...make no mistake, the pro-nuclear renaissance movement is a cult of the most sinister kind, and the deaths from its existence are is just a question of the when and the where. Tell me readers, "Are we here on the Hudson the next Jonestown event just waiting to happen?"

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