Friday, March 16, 2007

Indian Point-The Lowest Hanging Fruit

Many of our readers here on Green Nuclear Butterfly have been watching the B movie flame war fizzling out over on the IPSEC list between our own Royce Penstinger of the acid tongue, my never ending attack, and Mark Jacobs reknowned Hall Monitor of the slow moving IPSEC serve list...GOD forbid the scroll rate gets out of control over there, he might lose the knitting crowd. Since John Hall was elected to Congress, between my Congressman John Hall blog, the once famous but now dormant Washington Scandals blog, and here I seem to have pissed off and/or alienated almost everyone but the Pope, and given half a chance, sure I could upset the Vatican as well.

Most people don't seem to get me, or perhaps they don't understand my agenda, are confused on why I worked so hard to get John Hall elected, only to seemingly TURN ON HIM, why I seem to go to such great extremes to bitch slap such revered groups as Riverkeeper, Clearwater, IPSEC or even Greenpeace for their dismal efforts where Indian Point is concerned. Simply stated, everyone of them are asleep at the wheel, and I cannot let a perfect storm that could stop the relicensing of Indian Point be squandered away through inaction and stupidity.

I asked Mark Jacobs to spell out the IPSEC plan to close Indian Point, challenged him to stand up and lead the coalition...His response was to say everyone was doing what they could. Fair enough, but here is a news flash for everyone....The current stategies deployed by those opposing relicensing aging, brittle reactors is FAILING MISERABLY. That is not a knock, it is a fact...the deck has been stacked against us, as was witnessed in a speech this week from a retiring NRC Commissioner who confidently boosted that 50 reactors were already relicensed for 20 more years, and within a couple more years, all 103 reactors will be relicensed....BOOSTING OF A PERFECT GAME OF THAT MAGNITUDE IS PROOF POSITIVE THE GAME IS FIXED.
It is time to throw out the rule book, get down and dirty in a street brawl...enter Indian Point, the lowest hanging fruit as Michele Boyd of Public Citizen describes these two failing Entergy reactors on the Hudson River, and the perfect storm that will allow us (Anti-relicensing groups) to cull them from the herd, close them down and in the process, greatly damage the GNEP Nuclear Renaissance juggernaut that is leading the United States and the world down the road of good intentions to hell.

I have a plan, or as Arlo Guthrie once said in his song about the pickle, a vision burnt across my mind...I don't want a reactor and its leaking spent fuel pools sitting on the Hudson. We need a movement! The ANTI ENTERGY, CLOSE INDIAN POINT MOVEMENT, and all 21 million people living within 50 miles of these nuclear time bombs have to do to join, is GET INVOLVED, put their hearts, time and a few bucks into making a dream a reality...CLOSING THE INDIAN POINT REACTORS.


Why the Indian Point reactors and Entergy are the perfect battle for the anti relicensing folks, why every angry reactor host community should join in our battle.

1. Entergy currently is one of the two BIG BOYS on the nuclear block. Culling out Indian Point from their fleet and forcing them into closure would be enough of a blow to possibly force Entergy into a situation of having to sell its remaining reactors, and get out of the nuclear end of the energy business. New reactor owners mean new public hearings for license transfer, which means second bites at some of the apples for our side.

2. The Indian Point reactors have a horrid safety record, are leaking strontium and tritium into the Hudson River, and after 9/11 no one can argue that they are the reactors most vulnerable to terrorist attack.

How can we win the fight to shut down these ticking time bombs?

1. First, population numbers are on our side...21 million people live within the 50 mile circle of death around Indian Point. In short, wake up the masses, get them involved, and half our battle is done.

2. We can out spend, Entergy, the NRC and NEI combined if our hearts are in this fight! I can hear the naysayers now claiming I am insane....think for a minute folks! We have 21 million people living within 50 miles of Indian Point! A one dollar donation from each one of them is $21 million dollars! The NEI's entire budget for their PR for the entire nuclear industry is $8 million.
Can you imagine if every one of those 21 million people donated just $10 dollars to the cause of closing down Indian Point? That's $210 million dollars, over half of Entergy's entire profit picture from everything they earned in 2006. Now, can you imagine if everyone of those 21 million people were willing to donate $100 dollars a year towards closing down Indian Point and bringing in safe renewable energy to our region? That's $2.1 BILLION dollars, or almost three times the $841 million dollar NRC budget approved by Congress for 2007! YES, WE HAVE THE POWER TO OUT SPEND THEM, OUT LAWYER THEM, AND OUT ADVERTISE/PROPAGANDA THEM...this is what a movement is about!

3. We have local government on our side in this...which would make protests, sit ins and acts of civil disobedience far easier. We have some heavy hitters nationally, and the timing for holding their feet to the fire on this issue could not be better with next year being a presidential election year.

4. This kind of a movement WOULD CATCH THE ATTENTION of both national and international press, and in doing so bring the horrid truth of the 103 aging, failing reactors front and center, and under the media microscope.

5. Let's not forget John Hall in all this...he has the ability to bring the musicians back into this fight, has the ability to give Pete Seeger the gift of seeing the relics that are the Indian Point Reactors closed down and decommissioned.

Call me Don Quixote tilting at reactors on the Hudson, but this radical idea can work. We want the Indian Point Reactors shut down, we want to get the anti relicensing team on the scoreboard in a huge way, and we can do it if everyone will get involved in the Green Nuclear Butterfly's Close Down Indian Point Movement/Coalition.

Remember those good old days when we believed? Want to bring them back again, and once again know the sweet taste of victory against overwhelming odds? Then join us, and do Arlo proud in this new movement. Together we can use our ladders to harvest Entergy's lowest hanging fruit, Indian Point reactors 2 and 3.

Send donations and inquiries to:
Sherwood Martinelli
Green Nuclear Butterfly
Close Indian Point Coalition
351 Dyckman Street
Peekskill, New York 10566

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