Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Handed Protestor...Royce Recuperating

Good early morning GNB readers...things have been slow here on the blog this week, even though there is a whole lot going on where Indian Point is concerned.
So,where is Green Nuclear Butterfly jumping into the fray?
Not going to go into details here, but our fearless leader...that would be me, is in the process of recovering from a personal attack. I've been in bed for the better part of the past three days here, and a severe fracture of my right arm has me all but helpless...should get a cast next Friday when the swelling goes down. Trying to use a mouse left handed is being quite the challenge, and hard to get copy to the blog with one finger...but, shall do what I can.
IPSEC on March 8th sent out a notice inviting us to take part in discussions on setting an agenda...a brainstorming session if you will. Glad to see the letter from their list serve, but how much real public input did/do they want when they released the invite to their listserve on the very morning that the meeting is set to take place? If Mark sees this, I have some thoughts, or will try to get Remy to post them up.
Deserving of major article...Entergy/Indian Point want to leave the millions of gallons of radioactively contaminated water right where it sits...under the reactor, and leaking into the Hudson River. Seems they feel this is far superior to them SPENDING REAL MONEY ON THIS ISSUE.

1. Green Nuclear Butterfly is going to launch a YouTube account/channel...your videos will be more than welcomed.

2. Indian Point Plume Tracker...more on this later.

One fingered typing has worn me out, and it is time for another pain pill.

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