Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Moves Toward Articles of Impeachment

As the publisher of this blog, I worked very hard to get John Hall elected to office for three specific reasons. First, was his stated position against the nuclear industry, and his often public promise to close down the failing reactors that are Indian Point. He seemed against George Bush's wrong for America Nuclear 2010 Initiative, so he had my support.

Secondly, he felt everything about the Iraq War was wrong, and vowed to bring our troops home.

Lastly, he seemed willing to support Articles of Impeachment against the President and Dick Cheney.

Since he took office, I have not been overly happy with Congressman John Hall, in part because he has not done what he could be doing on these core issues. So, it is with unbridled glee today that I share with my readers Dennis Kucinich's next step towards bringing Articles of Impeachment against George Bush, and I call on Congressman John Hall to join in and whole heartly support this cause.

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