Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Is Summer Rayne Oakes and The Green Muffkateers In The Anti Nuclear Fight To Close Down Entergy's Indian Point and Their Leaking Reactors?

I can hear the feminist crying foul over the title, but sorry, the glass ceiling has been broken, and Nancy Pelosi took a sledge hammer to the marble one above that when she became Madam Speaker of the House. Move over Ralph Nader, as your days as the next Green Party Presidential Candidate are over! Perhaps the Environmental Movement and Green Drinks can convince Oprah to accept the nomination, and George Clooney can zip around America in his Tango giving speeches as her 2008 Vice Presidential running mate.

There's a Presidential ticket sure to get media attention, and carry the vote of the entire Grassroots community! After all, even Vanity Fair has done a Green Issue, and being environmentally friendly and concerned is the Green Wave to the future. In short, women are deciding all on their own, that they can use their sensuality and sexuality along with their brains as they brand themselves and build financial empires in the process. Perhaps nowhere is this reality and societal paradigm shift more prevalent than in the Green Fashion/Products industry where supposed Green Eco Chicks and Eco Babes wrap themselves up in the Ecology Flag and claim the title of Green Goddess.

We have a veritable army of 20 and 30 somethings trying to cash in on the Green Movement, and there is nothing wrong with Green Capitalism. However, to claim GREEN, to wrap yourself in the ecology flag as Earth Saving, Global Warming fighting Warrior of change out to save the world, you have to WALK THE TALK, have to make Green business decisions, and cannot sleep with, be business partners with those that are raping Mother Earth in the name of corporate bottom lines and improved profit projections.

Though there are numerous examples of this corruption of the Green Movement, no better example exists than the Nuclear Industry's attempts to steal the entire Green Movement as their own, as the NEI, CASEnergy and companies like Exelon and Entergy push for a Nuclear Renaissance with the false promise that nuclear power is the safe, vital GREEN answer to Global Warming, and the Birth Mother of the Hydrogen Economy as mini me, Greenpeace traitor "Patrick Moore" and his evil side kick Cruella DeVille, "Christine Todd Whitman" use the corrupted cash of the NEI to travel around the country as CASEnergy, singing the praises of the most earth damaging waste producers ever known to mankind, the Nuclear Industry.

Many of our finest young well meaning Green Entrepreneurs are being enticed with much needed capital investments from these corporate villains, beautiful young souls in the Green Movement seduced over to the dark side with 35 five pieces of silver, and the promise of wealth and fame in the coming Nuclear Renaissance. Look at Seth Leitman and his ETS Energy Store...just how did it come about that this seemingly educated GREEN Guy and EV fan end up partnering with BGA Engineering who has extensive business dealings with the Indian Point nuclear reactors that are dumping millions upon millions of gallons of irradiated waste waters into the Hudson River on a yearly basis.

Surely super Green Chick and self proclaimed Green Goddess Summer Rayne Oakes cannot believe dumping 2.4 billion gallons of 100 degree water into the Hudson River is good for the aquatic population, so why is she paired up with Seth, defacto embracing ETS Energy Store as a Earth Friendly Green Source for all of our Green Product desires? Is there some secret Trilateral Commission agenda between these three odd bedfellows wherein BGA Engineering at the appropriate time and place is going to come out against Indian Point after realizing they could earn far more money decommissioning these aging, brittling reactors than they could ever earn in helping to keep these ticking time bombs up and running?

So far, dirty politics, incestuous relationships between DOE, NRC, NEI and the Nuclear Industry have seen 50 of the 104 ancient failing nuclear reactors relicensed for 20 more years of operation as the Nuclear Industry plays Russian Roulette with the lives of 50 percent of America as host communities are forced and coerced to live in fear because of a false promise of a Green Nuclear Renaissance giving birth to Rosemary's Baby, a demon's spawn world destroyer pretending to be the Great Nuclear Driven Hydrogen Economy with a Green Electric Vehicle in every driveway...HELLO Joe DiMaggio, our nation needs you more than you can know, and someone please send out the word to the Eco Chicks hiding out on the West Coast, we need you as Heroines to save us from ourselves once again.

Bring on the Green Muffkateers, a full battalion of hot, sassy, self assured green vixens, their OMNIpotent presence ready to right wrongs as Betcee May Greens Up Penthouse, and Summer Rayne Oakes starts putting together the E-Team. In a play on the old 70's sitcom, I can see Cherokee Cher of "Silkwood" fame playing a more visible Charlie's Angel role, great Den Mother of a pack of fierce Green female Champions as they set out to slay the nuclear dragon.

She could perhaps be joined by the likes of Goldie Hawn (she's always struck me as the consummate earthy woman) and Demi Moore (who just happens to live right down the road from the Idaho National Labs, where Seth Leitman published his indictment of the Th!nk EV program, which almost crushed the entire Ford Th!nk EV fleet before the king of Norway himself had to step in!) who would look so hot dressed in gladiator's garb, shaved bald (a la G.I. Jane) as she led a dazzling array of Tangos and Tesla roadsters in a wild cross country Mad Max's meets Cannonball Run/Rama Road Rally treck across America to the entrance of Indian Point.

For old times sake we could throw Burt Reynolds a cameo appearance sitting at the Man Law Round Table complaining that he was not invited, which might allow us to bring in Miller Beer as a corporate sponsor as we set about greening the entire alcoholic beverage industry as a part of the deal...bring on the Clydesdale's for a spot on ethanol fuel as a part of the renewable stock portfolio.

We need Elmer Fudd to save our children from the nuclear industry's propaganda with another brilliantly done operatic educational piece as he turns to the audience and says, "Be very very quiet, we are hunting nuclear weactors." Maybe we can ask Angela Lindvall, Victoria's Secret supermodel, to play the part of Dorothy, a cute pooch by her side ready to pull aside the velvet curtain to expose Riverkeeper as the great pretender to the anti-nuclear throne that they are.

Sadly, many citizens in host communities around aging reactors such as Millstone, Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee and others such as my own Indian Point see this organization as the great white horse ready to ride in and help us in our just and noble cause...FORGET ABOUT IT FOLKS! At best, Riverkeeper and some of the other groups like them are NUCLEAR AMBIVALENT, neither for or against nuclear, but playing both sides to the middle to keep the donations pouring in.

The Riverkeeper board has both pro and anti nuclear members, and in an unholy alliance signed by the devil, these two opposing forces co-exist through a game of smoke and mirrors where Riverkeeper will not call for the closing of unsafe reactors, but will allow its members to pursue Nuclear Licensees if they can prove they are polluting our rivers and killing aquatic life.

However, in their pursuit of these crimes against humanity and our environment, these anti nuke warriors cannot actually state that Riverkeeper calls for the closing of a nuclear Lisa Rainwater on the phone, and sure she will quickly assure you she is anti nuclear, which usually sees most people, and the media jump to the conclusion that Riverkeeper is anti nuclear, and wants to see Indian Point closed down...not neccessarily true, and you are encouraged the ask her the all important follow up question:

"Yes Lisa, I understand you are anti nuclear and want to see Indian Point closed, but is Riverkeeper anti nuclear, are they willing to publicly call for the closure of Indian Point, Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Millstone and other aging nuclear reactors that are doing tremendous damage to our nation's rivers and their tributaries?" Better yet...does Riverkeeper directly or indirectly receive money from the nuclear industry, and those who support it.

Has anyone called up J.K. Rowling to see if Harry Potter is anti nuclear? Sure here, that Lord Voldermort would work for the NEI, but over all, cannot see this woman going over to the dark side, so we have to find a major role for her in this production! Sure she could come up with a great character, a woman of noble magic mixed blood who will do battle with the wicked witch as Betcee and company scale the walls to confront the two headed dragon known as Indian Point reactors 2 and 3.
We need our youth in the Grassroots of the Green Movement to WAKE UP to the truth that nuclear never was, and can never be the safe, vital, green energy that the Nuclear Industry Spin Miesters, Hill & Knowlton and Burson-Marsteller, want us to see it as. We need the Summer Rayne Oakes and Betcee May of the Green Fashion/Products industry to realize they cannot sit on the nuclear fence eating out of the hands of both sides in this war for our Mother Earth. It is time to pick a side and prepare for the fight, as the planet, our planet's future is being held in the balance. So Green Industry, what is it going to be? Are you a tofu Green Barbie or Ken doll looking pretty, but having no substance, or are you the stuff of legends, a warrior worthy of a major part in the epic battle of our time? The Earth's very existence may depend on the choice you make in the next days and weeks, as the lines are drawn in the sand.

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