Thursday, March 22, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly Quoted in Z Magazine!!!

Nukes on our Roads
by Michael Steinberg

Several recent accidents on U.S. interstate highways involving trucks carrying radioactive materials have revealed heightened activity in the transportation of such dangerous materials, as well as new growth in the nation’s nuclear infrastructure.
Michael Steinberg quoted Sherwood Martinelli's alter ego Porgie Tirebiter in his article, which is available online to subscribers.

Z is an independent monthly magazine dedicated to resisting injustice, defending against repression, and creating liberty. It sees the racial, gender, class, and political dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improvingcontemporary circumstances; and it aims to assist activist efforts for a better future.

These are two other nuke articles by Michael available free.
Greenpeace Urges Shut Down Of U.S. Nukes
Tooth Fairy Project

The March issue of Z also includes an article about the Prussian Blue sisters, Lynx & Lamb, now 14, who are being used by neo-Nazis to spread white supremacist propaganda under the guise of child pornography... The missuse and pollution of these children's minds, is just as twisted as the nuclear industry's attempts through NEI and CASEenergy to mutate and pervert our young people into believing that nuclear energy is green energy. The girls can't carry a tune... but maybe once they grow a brain, they'll be able to carry ours.
Z stems from Woods Hole, MA and is available at most decent newsstands.

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