Sunday, May 20, 2007

Indian Point's Future-Cast Your Vote

Last I looked, America still claims to be a democracy, and those who actually vote tend to carry the most sway. With that thought in mind, decided to post a poll for the next week here on our blog to see who is paying attention, who is letting their voice be heard the loudest. The poll gives six scenarios for Indian Points future, and if you do not see your choice listed it, write it in by leaving a comment on this post. The results will be posted in a future, make your own choice, and send your friends here to vote. Green Nuclear Butterfly wants to get a real handle on where stakeholders in our community are at when it comes to the relicensing of Indian Point, and being a betting man here, would guess Indian Point will flood the voting if they start seeing a lot of votes for categories they do not want to win.


Anonymous said...

Indian Point Nuclear power plants should be shut down immediately because of the leaks and risks, WITH NO TAXPAYER BAILOUT FOR ENTERGY. If they did due dilligence before buying it, they should have known that it was a liability. Let Entergy stockholders take the hit, NOT the local residents and taxpayers. And Entergy should be required to post a multi billion dollar or larger bond to protect us from future risks, and they should be required to totally bare all cost of decommisioning and securing the site to our satisfaction, including long term care of the spent fuel.

Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean said...

Tend to agree with you, but with the renewal of the Price Anderson Act, we'll see no bond. A great many of the current reactors including Indian Point have serious degration issues, yet NRC is ignoring all of them in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance. Sadly, the people around this area seem content in waiting on someone else to do the work needed to see Indian Point closed.