Monday, May 21, 2007

Preparing For A Nuclear Incident or Terrorist Attack on Indian Point-Our Right To Bear Arms

Looking,somewhat tongue and cheek,at our right to bear arms. How many of you are aware of the fact that in the case of a nuclear incident or terrorist attack, the first thing to be suspended will be the rule of law?

Leave no doubt, when a significant nuclear incident or terrorist attack strikes Entergy's Indian Point reactors, or one of the other nuclear reactors here in America the rule of law will cease to exist. Chaos will rule supreme, and it will be every man,woman and child for themselves as people try merely to short we will be a part of pure Anarchy, many first responders, members of law enforcement, the blue canaries will be dead and gone. Our own government is spending billions of dollars telling us to be ready, be prepared. Part of being prepared in a worst case scenario is SELF DEFENSE, and that means high fired weapons ready at hand.

Which is what NRC, DHS and all levels of government fail to tell you about, do not even want to discuss. They do not want us being ready to defend what is ours with heavy fire power if the need arises, and in the wake of a significant nuclear event, or terrorist attack that need will arise, and your family's ability to survive if ordered sheltered in place (which you will be) may very well depend on the fire power and ammunition you have readily at hand. If someone(s) desperate for food and/or shelter tries to break in, tries to take what is yours, do you really think trying to dial 911 is going to get you any help in the midst of a nuclear disaster?

Weapons and Ammunition sales should be the fastest growth industry there is around nuclear power plants and related facilities. A private dwelling and its citizens should not have just one weapon, they need several, at least one if not more for every member of the family, and lots of ammo. Don't think boxes here, think cases or pallet loads of ammo...after all, if it becomes every neighborhood for itself, you may have to arm your neighbors as well. Start thinking neighborhood watch on steroids.

A semi automatic 12 gauge, or a 22 pistol is not going to be adequate, you need heavier equipment for this job, and it's highly suggested you attend the next major gun show that comes to town...sure, folks like Mayor Bloomberg would prefer a public without ability of self defense, but then, he has his own personal security detail, all of them adequately armed and dangerous.

Start off with say a 9mm Glock, as it is a gun with a serious bite to it, and with ease you can tuck one into a shoulder holster with little have to think Rambo here, be prepared with more than one gun at any given time, as you never know who will be busting down your door in a nuclear incident, and trust me, the odds are they will be armed, and more than willing too use deadly force to take what is yours. A 9mm Glock can be found online, most suppliers ready too UPS it right to your front door.

For distance shooting with accuracy, you might want to seriously consider a high grade Sniper Rifle with scope. When accuracy counts, you need to be prepared. If someone is taking pot shots at you in times of civil unrest, you have to have the right tools for the job of protecting you, your family, and your property...after all, what if someone is trying to steal the vehicle you have at the ready for a last ditch effort at evacuation? Are you willing to let your family perish because someone bigger and stronger than you decides they want to make off with the family hummer?

This article is to some degree tongue and cheek, but there is a certain sad truth in its presentation. Is this what we want in Westchester County? Is allowing Indian Point to remain open worth walking down this path painted before you? Just how prepared are you for the aftermath of a nuclear incident. Perhaps more importantly, how prepared do you want to have to be? With Indian Point up and running, we are a target, and if we are a target, we have to be prepared for the worst as we all have learned from 911.

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