Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, The Parade of Has Been Stars Embracing Indian Point Begins

Once famous, and even respectable Paul Newman of salad dressing and movie fame has sold out to Entergy, and it would be interesting to know how much money was tossed where for his endorsement of Indian Point as the parade of wealthy, elite outside the circle of death, once big movie stars trot in for a short visit at the plant, and to give news hounds their five minutes with a washed up former somebody. In short, it's time for our community to boycott Newman's Own.

USA Today article

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Denis said...

As far as I know, Newman's racing team, Newman Wachs Racing, hasn't received a dime in sponsorship from nuclear societies or industries. Along with Quit! (smoking), he and co-owner Eddie Wachs have been promoting clean air since last year. The nuclear decals began last April in Mexico with the American Nuclear Society's logo, and were followed by Eagle Alliance, Excel Services, "Nuclear Clean Air Energy", NEI, Atomic Racing, and finally big "Go Nuclear!" decals and atomic symbols (see Paul and Eddie have probably spent more than $3 M on their racing efforts to introduce unsponsored young driver talent into the sport of open wheel racing.

Denis Beller
Atomic Racing