Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paul, We Hardly Knew You!

That must make it OK then... I feel all better now! This from a man who would never endorse alternative fuels in racing for fear of losing his oil company sponsors... This from a man who endorsed John Anderson, forsaking Barry Commoner, to give us Ronald Reagan... This from a man who allowed his lawyer Leo Nevas to built a three story monstrosity on the once charming little island in the middle of the river in downtown Westport, CT... where it should have been a park! This against ALL the town's people opposition... This from a man who ran much beloved local Deli owner Julius Gold out of town, Julius who did all the heavy lifting on his salad dressing!His daughter Nell is Newman's only saving grace... If it wasn't for her, there would be no "organic" division at Newman's Own... Newman is "not" the man you see in his films! Boycott Newman's Own? Yes! Boycott ALL his non-organic products!!! Send Paul Newman a clear message. Rock The Reactors is today considering a picket sign vigil in front of his restaurant in Westport... Anyone interested in joining me, just say the word, let's set a date and time!

"Paul Newman has long been a nuclear industry supporter—he even has an NEI sticker on his race car. A few years ago, he tried (fortunately unsuccessfully) to convince Environmental Defense head Fred Krupp to support Yucca Mountain by inviting Krupp to his apartment to meet with NEI… In other words, this is nothing new.I’ve been boycotting Newman’s Own for years."
~ Michael Mariotte NIRS

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Denis said...

Oh, yeah, there's another great idea from the anti-nukes.

Newman gives 100% of his income from Newman's Own to care for cancer-stricken children (often terminal), to buy child safety car seats for those who can't afford them, to support environmental and conservation organizations, for inner-city redevelopment, to second-harvest food banks, and so much more. He's donated more than $200 M since he began exploiting capitalism for the common good.

So let's punish dying kids, reduce environmental restoration, and reduce support to the poor because Newman chose to exercise freedom of speech.

Good thinking!