Monday, June 18, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly's Attendance at Clearwater Festival Elicits Anonymous Death Threat on Blog This Morning

The same person, or groups of persons who have lobbed up onto the internet various and assorted meanspirited hate filled blogs against Green Nuclear Butterfly and its publisher seem to have esculated their campaign of intimidation against us. As many of our readers know, Sherwood Martinelli (that would be me) of Green Nuclear Butterfly was at the Clearwater Festival this past weekend collecting signatures on a very crucial Petition for Rulemaking that will be sent out to the NRC this week.

This morning, checking my email I was at first pleased to see someone had left a comment on our blog...I was far from pleased to open said comment, and find therein a death threat. If Entergy, Indian Point their employees and supporters do not like our anti nuclear positions, they should step forward from out of the shadows and debate us on the issue. Stooping to threats, intimidation, outing of personal information, and now death threats is not positive discourse.

I write about this, as I see a troubling escalation in these threats and intimidation that I recognize from my previous activists activities regarding another NRC licensee and their unionized work force. I've been run off the road returning home from a meeting, and trust me it is not an experince any one should have to endure. I share this incident with our readers for one reason...even though we have good reason to believe that these threats are coming from a nuclear insider, the NRC could care less. Even though they are charged with protecting human health and safety in a stakeholder community, they have no mechanisms to investigate when the Pro-Nuclear side (possibly even licensee employees) decides to use threats of bodily harm and intimidation against stakeholders who oppose the continued operation of a failing nuclear facility.

At the Annual Assessment meeting in April, when union workers associated with Indian Point were brought in by the droves to all but block the entrance to the meeting, intimidate members of the public by the shear force of their numbers, the NRC did nothing to clear them away from the entrance to the building. You can bet, that if 1000 anti nuclear stakeholders all showed up in similiar numbers something would have been done to disperse us. Even more disturbing...these people who showed up, who voiced quiet threats, who deliberately took up positions on the steps leading into the building were ordered to be there, were paid for their presense at the meeting.

These same Union Members had no problems in wanting/demanding cans of the free Energy Drink (Radioactive Energy) that Green Nuclear Butterfly was handing out at the meeting, but when they realized one of our members had snapped pictures of them for publication in our blog, they not so subtly let us know we had not best publish them, as they would find us. Unfortunately, their threats and intimidation worked, as the person who snapped the pictures, worried about personal safety decided not to put them up on our blog, or anywhere else. Oh well, lesson learned, next time I'll bring my own camera.

Speaking of cameras...anyone from the Anti Nuclear movement want to volunteer to film next Week's NRC meeting on relicensing? As we know, the NRC deliberately does not record or document these meetings, so that anything they say or admit cannot be used against them...IE, in the last public meeting, Sam Collins of the NRC stated very clearly that in the case of a fast moving incident at Indian Point, evacuation will not work...we should have had video footage of that comment upon on YouTube hours after the meeting.

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