Tuesday, June 19, 2007

NEI's Nuclear Notes Blog Has Their Panties in a Knot

NEI's View Of World
NEI's visits to our site yesterday:

Seems that my article, "Trail of Nuclear Tears-Exposing Nuclear's Horrid Truths", posted here on this blog, and picked up by OpEd which uncovers some of the lies that are the nuclear industry has the NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) and their Nuclear Notes bloggers in and uproar. The good news, is they are once again caught in another lie, and have shown again they are incapable of discussing in a rational manner issues brought up that they would as soon never see the light of day. Such as the FACT that the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in its fifty years of operation consumed enough coal supplied electricity to meet all of the energy needs for Los Angeles county for a period of 18,250 years...that is a BOAT LOAD OF CO2!
Seems Michael Stuart is so incapable of controlling his emotions and personal bias that he instantly goes into attack mode, and trys to discredit the author of the article (me) and my blog, the Green Nuclear Butterfly by cross pollenating comments in the Nuclear Notes blog, and here. I suppose I should be honored, since he attacks Helen Caldicott in the NEI blog post with the same venom and hatred aimed at myself. Michael in his childish fit of rage accuses Ms. Caldicott of lying and manipulating data, while ignoring the very real fact that it took and act of Congress to force the DOE to provide compensation and medical help to nuclear workers dying of cancers caused by their exposure in the nuclear work place. Further, DOE's own studies now admit that at least 22 cancers have direct links to a persons exposure to radioactive contaminants.

This same VERMIN then comments on his own article, complaining that Green Nuclear Butterfly filters comments from readers, then falsely claims, that the NEI blog allows unmoderated comments. To verify this statement on the part of and NEI employee (assuming this since he writes on/for the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog) I posted a comment to said blog...when said comment was posted by the Green Nuclear Butterfly, we received the following notification from the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog posted below. Maybe Michael needs to meet up with Rod Adams and the two of them can cry in their beer.

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Our message was left over on the NEI Nuclear Notes Blog...let's see if it actually gets published.

Michael's Comment Left to Self:

Michael Stuart said...

Anyone wishing to post a comment on that blog should note that all comments are filtered by the moderator. This is particularly unfortunate those of us that might have something factual to say.

Apparently, in order to get a comment posted there you must either:

1. agree with the author,
2. present a weak argument that the author can easily refute, or
3. wait until the author has had sufficient time to write a smack-down rebuttal before posting your comment.

Sadly, that is no way to foster a debate.

The author of that blog should note that even NEI's blog allows unmoderated comments.

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