Friday, June 22, 2007

Indian Point, Nowhere To Run - DVD

So you live close enough too Indian Point that you are going to have to evacuate when the BIG ONE arrives, either through Entergy's mismanagement causing a severe accident at the facility, or when a terrorist attack, couple with inept and inadequate security causes a Chernobyl on the Hudson as the NRC stands back and explains, "we really didn't think it could happen". News flash, the evacuation plan will not work, and EVERYONE knows it clear up through and including a president that cannot even say the word short, Nowhere To Run, the title of the award winning project by Tobe Carey. Green Nuclear Butterfly suggests this as a must view for anyone living within 50 miles of Indian Point, or any other aging, failing, leaking, delapidated, crumbling, rusting, antiquated, contaminated reactor in America, such as Oyter Creek, Pilgrim, Diablo Canyon, Palisades, and a host of others. Order your copy today of this fine reality piece...tell Toby the Green Nuclear Butterfly sent you.

Indian Point - Nowhere to Run
Indian Point - Nowhere to Run
Silver Medal Winner - 2003 Houston International Film Festival

A provocative program outlining the compelling reasons to shut down and decommision the Indian Point Nuclear power plants which operate within 35 miles of New York City.

By Jim Gordon (courtesy of the Woodstock Times)

Woodstocker Tobe Carey has long been familiar with issues related to nuclear power, but he said working on his new short documentary film, Nowhere to Run, about security measures at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Westchester County, was an eye opening experience. “I guess what I learned most was that plant security needs a very steep upgrade,” says Carey. “It’s all very blasé; ‘It can’t happen’ here was the attitude that we found while we were doing the whole thing.”

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