Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Positive Anger from Down Under!

Peter Garrett MP
Member for Kingsford Smith
Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Heritage
18 June 2007
Government Enrichment Plans Exposed
The Prime Minister must today rule out signing any contracts for nuclear enrichment plants or high-level nuclear waste dumps anywhere in Australia.
Not only has the Government been busted on its ongoing discussions with the nuclear industry about proposals to build a uranium enrichment plant, but now a senior Government nuclear official has also let the cat out of the bag about the Government’s secret enrichment “principles”.
Mr John Carlson, the Director General of the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferation Office, told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency on 5 June 2007 that “I think our principle is to have enrichment in Australia in the future".
It is clear that if the Howard Government is re-elected it will impose its dangerous nuclear plan on Australians lock, stock and barrel.
Mr Carlson’s comments confirm the Howard Government is continuing to develop plans for uranium enrichment, and it would appear is having talks with foreign governments, including the Russian Government.
The Government has been trying to keep this quiet before the federal election, but it has been busted.
The Government has a proven track record of secret meetings with companies wanting to bring the dangerous and costly nuclear industry to Australia.
The Industry Minister must come clean and reveal what discussions the Government has had with other governments, as well as Australian and overseas companies; and the Prime Minister must rule out having a nuclear enrichment plant anywhere in this country.
It would appear that Caboolture – just north of Brisbane – is a key part of the plans, having been targeted for a nuclear enrichment plant. Enrichment plants produce long-lived, highly toxic radioactive waste.

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(Peter Garrett was vocalist, co-lyricist and dynamic frontman for Midnight Oil.)

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