Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Bad News For Nuclear Renaissance Leaking Out of Tokyo electric Power

Interesting Article, with several crucial pieces of new information:

1. The Tokyo Electric Power Company confirmed today that 2,000 tons of water flooded the basement of the building that houses the facility's No. 1 reactor.

This is the first time this piece of information came out, and why put it in tons? Could it be, that TEPCO is hoping not to have to admit publicly that the basement of the building housing reactor number one got flooded with almost half a million gallons of water?

2. An estimated 1.2 cubic meters of radioactive water flowed into the sea, but the company said it is still not certain about the total amount of water that flowed from the pool.

Curious can they claim a release of 1.2 cubic meters of radioactive water into the sea, while claiming they have no idea how much irradiated water leaked from the pool? Especially since their own report admits their low spent pool water sensors went off for all seven spent fuel pools.

3. TEPCO says that during the incident, radioactive material was twice vented into the air.

Seeing as one of these leaks went undetected for three days, shouldn't we be told HOW MUCH leaked into the air? Shouldn't the citizens of Japan be told this?

4. TEPCO has started on repairs of minor damage at the plant, and the company will soon prepare a plan for the detailed check of safety-significant equipment such as the reactor internals, said the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency. A detailed inspection of the reactors will be conducted based on that plan.

I am a betting man here, and guessing there is a reason no reactor internal investigations have been done yet...TEPCO wants to let the uproar die down first, then after people have settled down, release the bad news findings a bit at a time so that it does not grab world wide headlines.

5. Minister Amari acknowledged today that the government failed to carefully examine fault lines near nuclear power plants, and said a stricter review system is needed, the Kyodo news agency reported.

Any one care to bet that the NRC could state the same fact about Indian Point, Diablo Canyon and other reactors near seismic faults here in America?

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