Monday, July 23, 2007

NEI's Trish Conrad...Wrong Side of Lots of Issues

Email Trish Your Anti Nuke Sentiments:
Just who is Trish Conrad, and what politcal connections from her days in Oregon brought this rabid, frothing at the mouth Pro-Life advocate to Washington, DC to work for the NEI?
After she lost her friend (Andi Parhamovich) needlessly in Iraq (she should not have been there in the first place), one would think Trish would have a real grasp on government and industry lies, especially where nuclear and the DOD is concerned. But then, perhaps with her unreasoned support of Catholic positions on abortion, illegals, and assisted suicide, one should not be surprised that a very right wing radical religious zealot Republican (all internet traces suggest this) would and could support nuclear energy's rape of America, and specifically America's lower and middle class communities.
She's listed on the NEI Blog as a contributor, and her profile on Blogger lists her as the publisher of which is a rather stilted and poorly composed blog if ever one existed. She is quoted extensively in various press articles, referred to as and NEI Spokeswoman.
I have a call in to see if she is the same Trish Conrad that used to be the Director of Communications for Oregon House Speaker Mark Simmons...if she is, that raises some rather serious questions, both about her, and NEI...more on that as my research continues to unfold. Do we have someone here that has traded in her government position and contacts for a chance to CASH in with a large Non-Profit nuclear industry group?

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