Monday, July 23, 2007

Peekskill Should Premiere New Simpson Movie

First, congratulations to Springfield Vermont! Now if only Peekskill had been named Springfield we too could host a Simpson's Premiere...with the failing Indian Point reactors spoiling our sky line, and the scenic view of the Hudson, what a better place? In the meantime, don't forget that later this week the film hits the streets, and with it, all anti nuclear activists are encouraged to do the same.

Vermont to Host Premiere of 'Simpsons' Movie

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Illustration of Springfield sign

Springfield, Vermont has won the honor of hosting the premiere of The Simpsons Movie, which opens later this month.

Talk of the Nation, July 11, 2007 · Fourteen towns that share the name of The Simpsons' fictitious setting, "Springfield," competed for the honor of hosting the premiere of The Simpsons' Movie. Tim Kavanagh, whose video entry won for his Vermont hometown, discusses the impact of the big win.

Tim Kavanagh, director, co-writer and actor in Springfield, Vermont's award-winning video

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