Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get your "No more nukes" on in San Francisco

That’s right, break out the picket signs -- your favorite apocalypse is on the reprise. Irvine Rep. Assemblyman Chuck DeVore has introduced legislation to repeal the 31-year ban on new nuclear power plants and launched a ballot initiative.
On Sept. 12, the state’s Republican party unanimously voted to support the bill for more nuclear power, which is being touted as safe, clean, reliable, and affordable -- all adjectives the industry has yet to merit.

It's also being called “emissions-free,” a handy moniker for a power source in our globally-warmed future. It's being promoted by pro-clearcutting, pro-GMO "environmentalists" that happen to pull paychecks from the nuclear industry.

Pro-nukes fans are now gathering the 433,000 signatures needed to put the bill on California's June 2008 ballot.

A 1976 California state law banned new nuclear plants until a permanent storage facility for the radioactive waste was established. Meanwhile, said permanent facility – Nevada’s Yucca Mt. -- suffered another setback on Sept. 4 when a federal judge ruled the state could suspend water permits for drilling at the site – further delaying a project that is already seven years overdue.

Spent-fuel nuclear waste is currently stored on the sites of nuclear power plants – which has raised concerns about safety from terrorist attacks. CA Attorney General Jerry Brown recently filed a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, arguing that its waste confidence ruling is inadequate – meaning, we don’t have much faith in your determination that the pools of water where used up nuclear fuel rods bob like swimming pool toys are safe.
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Comment from Green Nuclear Butterfly correspondent Harold One Feather, on site now reporting from San Francisco:
I feel that if we can expose the nuclear mythos here in California, we have an excellent chance at stopping on the East Coast.
The crux of their initiative is that they need cheap sources of uranium which they know is on Indian land; hence the nuclear industry's focus on the waste and safety issues, rather than on the eventual forced mining on Indian land.
My current theory is that, prior to the nuclear renaissance, the mining industry sought and obtained increased tariffs and other charges on african uranium mining imports since their bottom lines were being negatively affected, not realizing that on the horizon their dreams were becoming a reality.
The nuclear renaissance caught all sides unaware! The anti-nuclear movement didn't see it coming nor did the pro-nuclear faction...no one was prepared for its implications. Now as all sides are coming to grips with the potentials, it is our turn to place our names and legacy to forefront of the upcoming opposition to the nuclear renaissance.
If California falls, so does Indian Point, Calvert Cliffs, USEC, Y-12, SRS/MOX, LES and Yucca MT.

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Tony said...

The worst thing about this is that DeVore has NEVER voted for an environmental law while in the assembly. He even voted against the global warming bill.

Now all of the sudden he wants to fight global warming?

I really think someone needs to follow the moneytrain on this one. DeVore is not in this because he's a tree-hugging hippie from orange county of all places!