Tuesday, September 18, 2007

NRC Awards GNB an Extension

September 18, 2007
Mr. Sherwood Martinelli
351 Dyckman Street
Peekskill, New York 10566
Dear Mr. Martinelli:
The Commission has received your request to extend the time for filing petitions to intervene in the license renewal proceeding for Indian Point Nuclear Generating Unit Nos. 2 and 3. A Federal Register (FR) notice had set October 1, 2007, as the due date for petitions. See 72 FR 42134-42135 (August 1, 2007). In its discretion, the Commission has decided to extend that due date to November 30, 2007. A notice of this extension will be published in the Federal Register.

Original signed by:
Annette L. Vietti-Cook
Comment from RemyC.

"Riverkeeper got the same letter. But this was the result of a processs started by Green Nuclear Butterfly to allow documents Sherwood Martinelli had requested from the DOE via a FOIA the time necessary to be included in the legal exploratory process. It was after Sherwood's initial request for an extension filed with the NRC, that Riverkeeper and other groups duplicated the effort.

This extention will allow Sherwood and Susan Shapiro, with their expert Ulrich Witte the opportunity to fully assemble our case within the 60 day extension period.

We here at Green Nuclear Butterfly will give credit where credit is due, and hope that Riverkeeper does the same. The hard work and timely filings of Sherwood Martinelli, Susan Shapiro and FUSE USA played a major role in this HUGE VICTORY, as did similiar filings from Riverkeeper, the State Attorney General, and four members of Congress led by Congressman John Hall. Kudos to all who played a part in making this victory possible."

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