Monday, September 17, 2007

NEI taken to task once before for false advertising?

[This is from Sherwood, aka Royce Penstinger, who is buried under 50,000 pages of NRC documents and can't surface for air right this second... RemyC]
Wasn't NEI taken to task once before for false advertising? With Entergy trying to relicense Indian Point, they are at it again as NEI is running commercials locally claiming nuclear does not pollute the air...a quick scan of the few pollutants they still track shows that is and out and out lie.

As to contributing to Global Warming, maybe the world should rethink this...Indian Point on a daily basis sucks in 2.4 Billion gallons of water, and discharges it back into the Hudson at 103 degrees...multiply that times 443 reactors worldwide. Couple that with the most carbon intensive mining and processing that is uranium extraction, and I would suggest that nuclear contribute more too global warming that other forms of producing electricity. As for the burning of coal in the nuclear process...let's ask the DOE to come clean and admit how much carbon was put into the air at the Portsmouth Ohio and Paducah Kentucky plants.

Also, as part of Bush's Global 2010, GNEP plan to revitalize the nuclear industry, a part of that 50 billion this year alone, is a new fuel reprocessing plant to be built on technology that has yet to be proven, which will supposedly reprocess all those spent fuel pools sitting on site...WAKE UP...The plan is too built over 100 new AP1000 reactors here in America. In short, this new generation of GE reactors are not even capable of burning this new reprocessed fuel. Further, said AP1000's are in capable of bringing us the Hydrogen Economy that is being TOUTED as a benefit of these new reactors!

One last suggestion...everyone should call the NRC today, and ask them if it is true that the Industry, EPRI and NEI have done a feasibility study to keep spent fuel right where it sits (on the Hudson River) for at least another 100 short, despite the fact that each and every one of us has been paying a monthly fee to Entergy to dispose of this waste OFF SITE, the industry and NRC now want to turn Indian Point into a defacto low and how level radioactive waste dump. many are aware of the fact the steam turbines that were replaced are just sitting in a metal storage building at Indian Point. How many realize with Barnwell closing, that the Low Level Radioactive Waste streams from Entergy's Indian Point will now start piling up at the site...just like the 22,000 55 gallons drums at the Japan site hit by and Earthquake.

If the community is wise, Wednesday meeting should be a vipers pit of angry citizens.

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