Friday, September 21, 2007

Uncovering NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute) Part One

By the way...could NEI Executives Explain Why They Don't Want NEPA to Include The Environmental Costs of a Terrorist Attack in Light of This Centers For Disease Control Slide
Suppose one question that should be asked here, "Has the IRS audited NEI, and if not then why not?" NEI's Federal Tax Number on their 990 is 52-1209124, and this is public information which can be found on the GUIDESTAR website. First, why the huge delays in filing? On the GUIDESTAR website, so far we only have filings for 2004 and 2005, but nothing for 2006. One must assume, that NEI is too busy lobbying on The Hill to address timely filing with the Internal Revenue Service. Which deserves what point does a DEFACTO lobbying firm lose their right to their 501 6(C) status? More importantly, why is a lobbying firm with close to $40 million in yearly revenues given such unfettered access to the NRC, and allowed to basically write the rules by which Nuclear Reactors are regulated?

One first has to look at the major players in NEI, titans of the nuclear industry,or old crusty stalwarts of the DOD military nuclear industry such as NEI President and CEO Frank Bowman, though if you compare his lofty salary to that of Joe Calvin one has to wonder if Frank Bowman is President and CEO in title only, a figure head that gives NEI special access over at the Pentagon.

On the subject of salaries, the folks at the top of the food chain are living like sultans, the proberbial grand-pooh-bahs of the anticipated Nuclear Renaissance. In fact, a small handful of these executives earn more per year than the rest of NEI's staff salaries put together. Let's have a look shall we?

First, we have Joe Colvin, a very richly rewarded member of the NEI Dark Tower with a base salary of $3,245,843 BIG ONES! Keep in mind, that does not include his expense account, and willing to bet it's a WHOPPER.

Frank J. Bowman, with the same title almost seems like a pauper with his woeful pay of $650,094 salary...wonder if he got a significant raise in 2006 compliments of the United States rate payers by proxy. That's right, NEI is a PRIVATE CLUB with a hefty entry fee, said fee paid indirectly by us!

Coming at just under a cool half million we have Rober W. Bishop with a salary of $455,774 smackers, Angie S. Howard with $461,092 which is not exactly peanuts. Rounding out the top five is Marvin Fertel at a dissappointing $402,113 clams. So, five employees of NEI who are lobbying on behalf of the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY being paid by us to the tune of well over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS a year, and keep in mind that does not include their expense accounts, and other perks...IE, it would be interesting to see their individual SECURITY HOLDINGS!

Almost makes you feel sorry for the likes of John E. Kane at $375,953 dollars, or lowly STeve F. Floyd at $239,865....these two pikers need to DEMAND A RAISE! We have J. Scott Peterson in this third tier group at $263,567 dollars, and finally Phyllus M. Rich with $272,700 dollars under her Christmas tree.

DANG...makes me think those bloggers over on the NEI Blog must be raking in at least six figures! I guess convincing Congress to give BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of our take dollars to the nuclear industry pays handsome rewards, and in the end it is the rate payers picking up the entire tab, either in our monthly utility bills, or our yearly tax bill.

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