Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mitzi Bowman Laments The Economist

Mitzi Bowman wrote this in reply to reading the current The Economist magazine issue dedicated to new nukes.

Note how they all ignore the fact that the entire nuclear fuel cycle depends at every stage of uranium extraction, processing, fabrication, construction and maintenance, on carbon-based energy - mostly coal - until the reactor fissions, adding heat to water and air in order to turn a turbine and make electricity.

Then, at every stage, radioactive, chemical and heavy metal wastes are created which must be dealt with. Gasoline and diesel transportation between each stage of production also adds to global warming.

Indeed, nuclear technology IS a global warming technology. Oh, and I forgot to mention the military connection ie nuclear weapons production and testing and radioactive weapons as well. Of course who knows the price tag on the human and societal impact?

Well, stop worrying and love global warming. Think of the new oil resources to be found in the north and south pole areas as the ice melts. King CONG's corporations (Coal, Oil, Nuclear and Gas) must be looking forward to renewed sources for profit, their tongues hanging out in anticipation.
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