Monday, September 10, 2007

Thoughts on Lovelock!

Dave Kraft
Hi All --I get frustrated with this selective hero-worship coat-tailing that the industry trots out regarding Lovelock -- especially Lovelock.
Einstein it may be recalled deserves high praise for relativity (among other things); but he got it totally wrong about quantum theory. He was a lousy spouse and parent in his first marriage, and even had erasers on his pencils!
Lovelock it should be recalled was the one who advised the British government that, while yes, CFCs can chew up ozone, the government should give the okay to use them because they would have a negligible effect on the atmosphere and ozone layer. ooops.
Every scientist has his/her brain-farts. And the good ones would be the first to say, "Judge my ideas on the data and the arguments, not on my previous reputation or achievements." That's the difference between science and marketing.
--Dave Kraft, NEIS--
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