Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York Post Page 6 low-blow at Riverkeeper

Today's Page 6 wrote:
[[ Environmentalists at Riverkeeper have major egg on their faces. The watchdog group, which keeps an eye on Hudson River polluters, tried to fax a one-page press release to news outlets the other week, but a "technical glitch" had them sending 150 pages of unread able gobbledygook, which wasted reams of paper. "As an environmental organization, we were horrified," read a mass apology that wasted even more paper. ]]
That's too easy... How about last week when we were standing outside News Corp to deliver a letter from Helen Caldicott to Rupert Murdoch, and nobody, but nobody from the New York Post would bother to come down and accept it in person... we had to walk around the back, deliver it at the service window, while getting yelled at, intimidated and threatened with bodily harm by their security force!
The "only" reason they're making a story out of this silly fax business, is they KNOW were gaining on them, that sooner or later, they're going to have to mention Indian Point on Page 6, cause that's all 7th Avenue is talking about at this point... how a bunch of renegate green fashionistas have roped in the industry into grand opposition to relicensing...
It's a bitch hey, Richard, when a story gets so hot, management won't let you touch it, you have to resort to such low-blow tactics? Boo! Yeah, that's right... Richard... Boo... you'll know what that means soon enough... you won't resist it!
Write Page 6, let them know how ridiculous this swipe is, only camouflage for deeper woes.
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