Monday, September 10, 2007

Sierra Club Indian Point Talk - Sep 11 - Nyack, NY

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Indian Point: Re-licensing, Leaks, & Global Warming

Sierra Club of Rockland County presents talk by Maureen Ritter & Susan Shapiro of Rockland FUSE (Friends United for Sustainable Energy), followed by Q & A discussion.

When: September 11, 2007- Tuesday, 7 PM
Where: Nyack Library Meeting Room

Indian Point's owner, Entergy, has just applied to re-license the nuclear power plant for an additional twenty years. Yet, the plant has already leaked Strontium 90 into the groundwater and the Hudson River from corroded pipes.

What's the inside story on the leaks?
What's the process of re-licensing all about?
Is nuclear power a safe, environmentally sound answer to global warming?
What alternatives are there?

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