Thursday, September 13, 2007

All of Rockland County is within 17 miles of Indian Point

Susan Shapiro, FUSE USA, writes on RockNet:
I agree that changes in our neighborhood affect us, but it is short sighted to think that if there is a radiological event at Indian Point you won't be affected, especially if you are living with in 10 -20 -50 miles.
All of Rockland County is within 17 miles of Indian Point, the peak FATALITY ZONE.
The truth is that the thyroid cancer rates in Rockland County are 50% higher then the rest of the state. The only way you can get thryoid cancer is from exposure to radiation. The areas of Stony Point, Haverstraw and West Haverstraw are the highest.
The reality is if , God forbid, there is an accident at Indian Point, you will be much more affected than if next door to you they build a million houses, because no one has insurance against a radiological events, check out our home owners insurance.... read the fine print. That's right the insurance companies decided a long time ago the risk was just too great to insure. So if something happens, and we are all evacuated (not just for a few days, but forever) and we'd still have to pay our mortgages, and quite possible lose our health.
Our government has cap nuclear plant liabilty to 200 million dollar, even though estimates for an nuclear accident are approx $313 billion.An accident or terrorist attack at Indian Point would affect every single person in Rockland County. Our health, our homes and lives would be changed forever and this area would become uninhabitable for thousands of years.

(Read Rockland County's 17th District Congressman Eliot Engel's views on Indian Point)

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