Friday, November 2, 2007

In Attempt to Hide Truth, NRC SCRUBBING ADAMS!

OK, so I am a conspiracy nut, or perhaps I just have a NOSE for truth, but when ADAMS does finally come back has been inaccessible now for over a are going to find a whole bunch of documents have DISAPPEARED in preparation for the NRC taking serious steps, through proposed rule changes, to lower SAFETY MARGINS at America's 104 aging reactor sites.

It is no accident, no glitch in the system that has ADAMS out out of commission right now. Instead, what we are witnessing (or not witnessing)is a deliberate scrubbing of ALL DOCUMENTS that the NRC and NEI have decided they do not want the America public to have continued access to.

Within hours of NRC's press release announcing their intention to IMPROVE the reactor thermal shock rule by lowering the SAFETY MARGINS, nuclear watch dog groups were quick to point out the truth. The rule is going to be rewritten, the safety margins greatly reduced because none of America's currently operating PWR's can meet the existing rule during the 20 year period of license renewal. The NRC tried to pass off a lie by claiming the new rule would improve a current regulation that was written far to conservatively.

It was shortly after this that ADAMS suddenly was totally and completely NOT AVAILABLE to anyone. Why? It is the belief of GNB that the NRC is trying to make the evidence of this, and other issues VANISH. For instance, will the Environmental Reports from eight different License Renewals that all had the same language in them still be found on ADAMS? Wait and see, but you can bet the new ADAMS when it comes back online is NOT the old ADAMS when you do a document by document comparison of the site. So, the question is, "What is the NRC trying hide?"

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