Friday, November 2, 2007

What if Today's Nuclear Reactor Bomb Scare Was A Industry Publicity Stunt?

OK, call me jaded here, but as I look more closely at today's pipe bomb scare at the Palo Verde nuclear reactor site the question arises, "was it a con job by nuclear industry insiders?" If it looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk, and walks like a skunk, maybe someone should start asking some probing questions to get to the truth.

I became aware of the incident on CNN. However, my first suspicions arose when I watched a FOX News report on the incident. Someone acting as a spokesperson stated the usual NRC, nuclear industry canned "the public was never in any danger" remark. However,they then went further to state that the facility, which could withstand the attack of a 737 airliner was never in any danger. They finished off talking about how the Security (Wackenhut)performed flawlessly at this trouble plagued facility.

The story for me became even more unbelievable as they went further into describing the event. First, there was not even enough explosives to blow up the truck, let alone anything at the plant. Additionally, authorities would not identify the plant worker who conveniently is a temporary staff member FROM OUT OF STATE who usually rides his motorcycle to work, but today brought his truck onto the nuclear, bomb sniffing dogs that DO NOT sniff every vehicle just happened to sniff his truck on the one day he decided to bring it to work. Wonder what the odds in Vegas would be on that stroke of PERFECT LUCK.

The report went on to state, that this UNIDENTIFIED WORKER claimed to have no knowledge of how the pipe bomb ended up in his truck, and some speculation was made that someone might have PUT IT THERE. Sure, someone just walked through the apartment complex this man is staying in, and tossed a small pipe bomb into the back of his pick up truck, and I have a bridge I would like to sell Neil Sheehan and Sam Collins.

So, with the black eye that Wackenhut and the industry have taken recently about SLEEPING GUARDS, from out of nowhere a perfect event presents itself where Wackenhut and the nuclear industry can THUMP THEIR CHESTS and claim the security at the nuclear facility performed FLAWLESSLY, the guards reacted perfectly, and the plant was never in any trouble because it could withstand a direct attack from a 737 airliner.

SORRY, but I smell a SKUNK in this story. perhaps the news media needs to find out if they have been duped. Perhaps, NRC, NEI and the nuclear industry decided to borrow a page out of the Pentagon play book (Lincoln Group), or thought they could do a better job than FEMA at creating fake news...whatever the truth is, do not think todays event is exactly what is being presented to us.

Nuclear plant worker stopped with explosive

A contract employee of an Arizona nuclear plant was stopped at a plant entrance Friday with an explosive device in his truck, officials told CNN. The capped pipe was found in the truck bed during a regular security search outside the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station -- the country's largest nuclear plant. developing story

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