Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Question Nuclear Does Not Want You Asking!

Nuclear Reactors, or Drinking Water? The Choice is OURS, Not the NRC's.
What about Nuclear's HUGE use of our water resources? As Example, Entergy's Indian Point nuclear reactors that are polluting the Hudson River withdraw 2.4 Billion gallons a day from the river, and return it into the Hudson River full of contaminants at 104 degrees. As the reality of Global Warming descends upon us, numerous states including New York are suffering what could be called EPIC DROUGHTS.

Georgia has less than 90 days left in their lakes, and yet the Farley Nuclear Reactor site is demanding they keep receiving the water they need to continue operations. The Great Lakes are shrinking, and here in New York a crucial city water supply in the reservoir in Neversink, N.Y verges on empty as our states reservoirs sit at RECORD LOWS.

Before people leap on the Indian Point bandwagon, they need to ask themselves a very serious question. Are you willing to risk our state's valuable water resources to keep an aging, inefficient nuclear plant open for 20 more years?

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