Thursday, November 1, 2007

Light Art Project at Gosgen Nuke in Switzerland

Take a giant projector, a helicopter and the Centrale nucléaire de Gösgen-Däniken (Switzerland) and you get amazing projections, part of the light art project "Monuments of Switzerland" by Gerry Hofstetter.
Hofstetter, one of the world's best-known light artists, transforms buildings, monuments and natural beauty spots into contemporary works of art. His masterpieces include projections of polar bears on icebergs, the pyramids in Egypt and Swiss crosses on the Matterhorn and government buildings.

Hofstetter loves the idea of being able to reinvent well-known monuments, buildings and landscapes in people's minds, using his huge 6,000-watt projectors and slides to transform them into temporary art sculptures.

Gerry Hofstetter, Lichtkünstler
c/o Hofstetter Marketing, Schwäntenmos 9
8126 Zumikon-Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)44 918 72 27
Fax +41 (0)44 918 72 28

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