Friday, January 19, 2007

Entergy's FALSE Green Advertisement Blitz in Vermont

This IS What The After Effects Of A Nuclear Incident At A Reactor Looks Like...Once Vibrant Communities Abandoned and DEAD.
Entergy is trying to flex it's corporate muscle in Vermont as they try to thrust re licensing down the throats of the citizens in and around Brattleboro. Using their financial might, they are trying to paint ugly, aging, antiquated and dangerous reactors such as Pilgrim, Vermont Yankee and Indian Point green.
Green companies, greed industries do not leak strontium-90 into our rivers and streams, do not continue to operate when they cannot locate leaks in their spent fuel rod storage pools. However, that has not stopped Entergy, NEI, NRC, DOE, Idaho National Labs and others in the nuclear industry from trying to steal the GREEN label for themselves. Below is a well written letter to the editor from Russell Weis, a stakeholder up in Vermont Yankee territory, and I post it, as our community is next, our community will begin seeing this same FALSE ADVERTISING as we move through our own re licensing nightmare with Entergy.

Letter to the Editors

I turned green from the ad on the back of Section A of your January 10 issue. It made me sick to see how Lousiana-based Entergy Corporation is trying to bamboozle Vermonters into supporting a twenty-year license extension for its aging Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

Don't believe the misinformation being spewed from Entergy headquarters like radiation from a nuclear waste site. Nuclear energy is NOT green and nuke plants are still not safe, clean or reliable. Nor is nuclear power cheap, when you figure in the billions in subsidies the industry has required.

And as for claims that it'll help solve our global warming crisis, the truth is that nuclear power is fossil-fuel intensive, from the mining of the uranium to the storage of the waste. Contact VPIRG ( and CAN ( and find the facts out for yourself.

The best way to secure Vermont's energy future is by supporting truly renewable sources like wind, solar and biomass - viable, local technologies that don't harm people or the environment and that require no evacuation plans and no hazardous waste dumps.

Now is the time to contact your legislator. Don't allow a relicensure vote to occur before an independent safety assessment and a thorough citizen input process are conducted.

Let's not saddle our children and succeeding generations with a radioactive legacy. And let's not let biased corporations tell us what "green" is. Our Green Mountain State must make its motto: "True Green Energy, not Green with ENVY (Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee)."

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