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Nuclear Experiments On Humans...Where Did The Documents Go?

This Child Was Used in Nuclear Experiment...Is Nothing SACRED?
Opposing the licensing of Indian Point, fighting against the wrongful relicensing of aging reactors in what can only be called a scam visited upon host communities is not my first brush in with the NRC or DOE. I have fought against the wrongs visited upon humanity before, opposed the creation of, and NRC licensing of USEC back in the 90's, have read the entire EIS on the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. This history is shared for a reason. In those days, I had my own little document repository in my home, collected documents like some collect books...many of my friends in the Green Anti Nuke movement donated them along the way when they themselves were done with them. Sadly, those documents are gone to the seven winds, but I have my I remembered reading several documents years ago on the inhumane human experiments in radiation that have been conducted on humans...I went on a search to restore those documents to my new library being accumulated on CD's as I scour the web trying to build resource material.

I wanted these documents for a reason, wanted them handy when I compose my comments on Pilgrim, on Indian Point, on GNEP because we are now being forced once again to act as human genie pigs in assorted Nuclear Industry, DOE and NRC experiments, the first of which is the aging fleet of nuclear reactors going through relicensing. NRC, nor the industry really know the effects of aging on reactors, at best they are guessing...problem is, if they are WRONG, which of our communities will pay the ultimate price? The DOE, Nuclear Industry GNEP is another experiment, humans the subjects of their study.

The DOE has a horrid history with trans waste streams, a horrid history in changing one thing into another, with Hanford one perfect example of this analogy. Yet, if you read up on GNEP (Global Nuclear Energy Program, the DOE has opted to skip a test/pilot program to prove their theory, but instead has chosen too invest billions on a new unproven technology to change reactor waste into product, they want to go right to building the facility in a LEARN AS WE GO APPROACH...they want to do this for a simple reason. Licensees are allowed to store on site future use resources...this was how the DOE dealt with spent uranium waste stockpiles at both Piketon and Paducah. After all, the stuff could be used in armor piercing AMMO, it did have a use...the fact that they had so much of this stuff that the supply can never be substantially reduced is beside the point. In short, to push the program forward, they want to conduct a grand experiment...problem is, most of the nuclear experiments of the past have real human deaths associated with them, and thus my search today.

I went to the place the documents were supposed to be found at.

DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments
The Office of Human Radiation Experiments, established in March 1994, leads the Department of Energy's efforts to tell the agency's Cold War story of radiation research using human subjects. We have undertaken an intensive effort to identify and catalog relevant historical documents from DOE's 3.2 million cubic feet of records scattered across the country. Internet access to these resources is a key part of making DOE more open and responsive to the American public.

From here, one is directed to this where you find this message.

The HREX website is currently closed down for two reasons: (1) After the events of September 11, 2001, the Federal Government undertook a review of all information on its websites to determine the appropriateness of the information on the websites. The database for the HREX website is currently undergoing a review in light of the events of 9/11 to determine whether all of the information in the database is appropriate. (2) The HREX website was hosted by antiquated technology. After the review of the information in the database is complete, it will be moved to the OpenNet website which is a platform composed of current technologies. The timing of when the HREX information will be available on OpenNet is unknown, therefore you may wish to periodically visit the OpenNet website at Thank you for your patience.

If you click on that link, and scroll down to Human Radiation Experiments, you start this whole circle over again. Going on six years later, a whole new GNEP human experiment getting ready to happen with us as subjects, and this crucial information is in convenient.

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