Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strontium-90 Fish Fry Anyone? Entergy's Indian Point Reactors will Kill Us Yet!

Please Don't Put Us In The HUDSON RIVER...We Don't Want to Be NUCLEAR GREEN!
First, we get the report from the NRC on the Tooth fairy connection to Strontium-90...for those of you that are not familiar with this, it seems that children around Nuclear Power Plants are being found with strontium-90 in their teeth. NRC's response as usual, was to claim it was NOT their licensees, that any such cases could ONLY BE BLAMED on fallout from Nuclear Bomb testing, or Chernobyl. 29 year half life, it's a STRETCH, but then that is what the NRC always counts on...OH, that and using 9/11 as excuse for denying stakeholders the right to know just what our real risk, is living in the shadow of a failing nuclear reactor, LET ALONE TWO as we have here at Indian Point.

Then The Journal News informed us that Strontium-90 had in fact been found at and around Indian Point, but we had NOTHING to fear from this cancer causing agent, as the levels were VERY LOW. You can put that assurance in your money box right next to the one that reasons any elevated levels of radioactivity leeching into the Hudson are SAFE because of the river is diluting the materials...EXCUSE ME?

WHOOPS....hold the phone folks. Breaking news was yet to come when we found out that the Strontium-90 levels were 7 times higher than Entergy originally stated. Not twice as high, not three times as high, but SEVEN. Now, this is or should be alarming news, but GOD FORBID NRC ORDER AN EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN OF THE FACILITY until they (Entergy) can come into compliance and stop the leak in the fuel pools...No, that would not be practical now would it? Have to keep that cash cow running, screw public health and the host community, this is ABOUT MONEY. Instead, we were told it was the labs fault, and that there could be a problem with the elevated tests! BUT OF COURSE. NRC is letting Entergy wait till the spring rains for the next tests...after all, we want those wells properly WASHED OUT NOW, don't we?

Fear not folks, Congressman John Hall, Governor Eliot Spitzer and Maurice Hinchey are just waiting to get all their ducks in a row on Indian Point, want to make sure the timing is right before they submit another bill to be killed in Sub Committee. Meanwhile, let's have a Strontium 90 Fish Fry with the latest fish caught and tested down river from Indian Point. YES, they found Strontium 90 in 25 percent of the samples caught DOWN RIVER from the decrepit leaking, ready to blow nuclear reactors at the Indian Point site...One would think such news would have seen our fearless government officials calling a hastily organized PRESS CONFERENCE, BUT NO! They must have contacted the NRC and felt safe in the assurances that the test results were probably WHACKED...the solution...let's CATCH MORE FISH. BRILLIANT, absolutely brilliant.

Maybe if a few of us start crapping out green glowing radioactive poop someone will take this whole thing seriously? Thank God we have Greg Clary trying to keep Entergy Honest...more than we can say for ANDY SPANO.

Hudson River fish found to contain radioactive isotope

BUCHANAN - In what could be the region's next environmental controversy or simply just a laboratory mistake, fish in the Hudson River have been found to contain traces of strontium 90.

The radioactive isotope was discovered leaking almost a year ago at the Indian Point nuclear plants, and tests on 12 fish show four with detectible amounts, according to a memo obtained by The Journal News.

The tests were conducted for Entergy Nuclear Northeast, which owns the plants, after researchers pulled the fish from the river during the summer - six from the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge area, and the rest from around Indian Point.

"Certainly it's of concern that the strontium was found in 25 percent of the sampling," said C.J. Miller, spokeswoman for Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef. "The origin of that is something that we need to determine. If indeed it is coming from the plant itself, then that needs to be remedied immediately."

The company has spent millions to find and stop the leaks, but so far have only been able to capture much of the radiated water without successfully plugging the sources.

No other radioactive isotopes were found in the fish, federal regulators said.

Three of the upriver fish had strontium levels ranging as high as 24.5 picocuries per kilogram, while one taken from near the plant showed 18.8 picocuries per kilogram, according to results first released late last week.

Picocuries measure radioactivity level in the tiniest amounts, and though the Nuclear Regulatory Commission doesn't set safe minimums for fish, Westchester County officials said the mean detectable level is 10 picocuries per kilogram.

Strontium has a half-life of nearly 29 years and was banned in the United States after weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s left large amounts in the atmosphere.

Health officials warned at the time that it competed with calcium in human bodies, especially in growing children, and could affect bone development.

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