Sunday, February 11, 2007

John Hall Trotting Tripe Out Monday-Claims Maurice Hinchey Rewrite of Failed Indian Point Bill as His Own

First, to all those who sent me email wondering where I HAVE BEEN...doing some major work here at the house to set up a permanent office for our Close Indian Point Efforts...hope to have pictures up tomorrow or Tuesday of the new space (Set up costs were $2200, so anyone wanting to donate to the cause is MORE THAN WELCOME TO HELP OUT). Have taken over what use to be a front bedroom on the second floor of our home...location was chosen for it's view of the Hudson River, and Indian Point. We are two computers strong, with a new all in one printer/fax/scanner, and have a drawing table for (hopefully) designing some posters/protest signs and two phone lines...hoping for a third. I still have things to put away, but all in all the space is coming along nicely...should finish it up tomorrow but wanted to get something on on the blogs.
In news that is timely...John Hall will be announcing tomorrow NEW LEGISLATION (basically stolen from Maurice Hinchey and doctored up) to demand an Independent Safety and Security Assessment for Indian Point (just up the road from Peekskill)...problem is, it is nothing more than a BULL CHIT dog and pony show. It is the same tired legislation run out to dry in 2006 by Congressman Maurice Hinchey (as noted above), and it is ONLY FOR INDIAN POINT...they'll get the standard less than ten cosigners, the bill will die on the vine, and John Hall will FALSELY CLAIM that he did everything that he could to stop the relicensing. He is following the SAME FAILED STRATEGY that sees the score Nuclear Industry 48, Citizens 0 when it comes to relicensing of aging reactors.
They say timing is EVERYTHING...Green Nuclear Butterfly timed its mailing of our Open Letter To Greenpeace so that it should arrive in Washington, DC on Monday. In that open letter, we are calling on Greenpeace to work with Congress for a law that would make it mandatory to have an Independent Safety and Security Asseessment for EVERY REACTOR in America...apparently, John Hall does not believe in fairness and equality for all...if he did, his bill would call for an Independent Security and Safety Assessment of EVERY REACTOR in America...instead, he's interested in trying to create SUPER RIGHTS for just his district, and that is a recipe for FAILURE. Several of us have tried to get this message through to John Hall, but his handlers are MORE CONCERNED about his looking GOOD TO THE LOBBYIST and DEEP POCKET DONORS than doing what is right for America. In short, sort of a Sue Kelly moment of truth is about to occur on Monday.
Arthur Harris, communications director for John Hall, in a tersely worded and hostile conversation with this reporter refused to explain why John Hall has decided to trot out a poorly redone version of Maurice Hinchey's FAILED BILL of a year ago...stating, that maybe in a Democratically controlled House the Bill would have a better chance...when he was asked about the citizens in other reactor communities, Author Harris jadely stated that John Hall only works for his own constituents...apparently, only ones he LIKES...which would explain why Tom Staudter and Arthur Harris have done their best to black list The Green Nuclear Butterfly from receiving John Hall's press materials. Guess they only wish to speak to reporters that AGREE with everything John says and does. Guess they would prefer blogs that don't sing John Hall's praises not know about his appearences in the district...again, something we would expect from Sue Kelly.
Green Nuclear Butterfly and the Congressman John Hall Blog predicted this tired play on John Hall's part a month ago...he'll trot out this bill, less than ten Congress people around the Indian Point Reactors will sign onto it, it'll get read twice at committee and be sent to sub committee to die while John Hall SWEARS he did what he could on Indian Point...I got a better idea. When Arthur Harris was asked about John Hall's willingness to introduce a National Bill for all reactors communities if this one dies on the vine, he said he would not speculate on the future...odd, if John Hall really wants to shut down Indian Point, and his bill dies on the vine, one would think the answer would be and easy one...OF COURSE John Hall would introduce a NATIONAL BILL if HIS LOCAL ONE DIES (which it will).
For my readers around Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Diablo and other reactor communities.
Contact your elected officials in Washington, have them sign on as Co-Sponsors to Congressman John Hall's bill, and when it comes to the floor, turn it into the NATIONAL BILL reactor communities deserve. Fair and equal treatment under the law should be John Hall introducing a bill that TREATS ALL REACTOR COMMUNITIES the same...instead, he wants to introduce a SPECIAL RIGHTS BILL, and it will, let's take it out of his hands by doing the work needed to get enough co-signers to bring his half baked bill to the floor, and change it. Enough of these tricks, enough of PRETEND CONCERN on the part of liars an cheats...of which it seems , John Hall with the introduction of this bill is officially one. He does not want to close down Indian Point...he just wants everyone to think he see, his RE-ELECTION in 2008 means more to him than his principles. SAD DAY, but his press release announcing this bill shows he has sold out, and is just as corrupt as Sue Kelly EVER WAS. In closing...Governor Eliot Spitzer who has also played the Close Indian Point violin has QUIETLY been taking money from one of Entergy's PAC's.


Anonymous said...

I would certainly agree for the need to have an ISA before any and all nuclear power plant has its license renewed -- but I don't understand the reason or the purpose of a negative vibe toward John Hall. Seems unnecessary and not productive to me.

Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean said...

Why negative on John Hall? It is really simple...he is trotting out the same old tired Dog and Pony act that Hilliary and Hinchey have used in the past when it comes to Indian Point.

Introducing a law (a rewrite of Hinchey's bill by the way) asking for a Safety review of only Indian Point WILL NOT WORK...with 103 aging reactors, and no local community wanting them RELICENSED, why not a national bill making a Safety and Security Assessment mandatory for EVERY REACTOR? Why did John Hall not introduce that piece of legislation?

Every wonder why the score so far on relicensing is Nuclear Industry 48, host communities ZERO? Ever wonder why Eliot Spitzer claims he wants Indian Point closed down, while TAKING MONEY FROM AND ENTERGY PAC?

Stop being naive...John Hall went to Washington, and is being corrupted, as getting re-elected is MORE IMPORTANT than his principles. He could shut down Indian Point, but he will not...but, in 2008 he'll claim he gave it HIS BEST SHOT, and he will be a LIAR.