Thursday, February 15, 2007

Poetry Contest, and Other Important News...We Need More Than A Dog and Pony Show John Hall!

Like a caterpillar tucked safely within a cocoon, society seems content to ignore the warnings of the Gods, their own selfish personal comforts far more important than a call to sacrifice for a greater societal good...let the NRC relicense the reactors, it's not our community that would pay the price if there were an accident, and what are the odds of that? WE need the electricity, besides, nuclear is safe except for that whole waste stream problem, and they'll eventually solve that problem?

Come In from the storm
the acid rain is falling
Glaziers are melting
Our shelter still has room

Indian Point is gone
2 blew up yesterday
3 the day before

They said it could not happen
They were wrong, we were right
Little comfort in that
No relief from our plight

So please come in from the storm
We could use some company

Sheltering in place
After two months
Is a lonely game at best
Better to be dead like the rest
Come in out of the storm

The isotopes are falling
It's dangerous out there
Come in from the storm
We can use some company

Children, we have a quest
Quick, get a chair,
Something to drink
We'll eat him soon
After a short rest

Just thought I would toss something up to the blog that would remind all of our readers that we are accepting submissions in our Poetry Contest, so LET'S GET CREATIVE! $1,000 is not something to sneeze at, and we want to see some really good ANTI NUCLEAR messages coming in.

On other news...I am finally FEELING BETTER after being down with a serious flu bug of some sort. Even missed Green Drinks last night, so hoping to get a report up from Remy who was able to attend. John Hall introduced his bill, and it is JUST WHAT WE FEARED...nothing more than a reworked version of Congressman Maurice Hinchey's failed bill of a year ago.

Andrew Spano and the rest of our Westchester County government seem content right now to follow a failed strategy of supporting Legislation that went NO WHERE in 2006. Congressman John Hall's office went so far as to tell Green Nuclear Butterfly that things WOULD BE DIFFERENT now that Democrats were in charge. Uhhh....if things are different, how come the Democratic Congress is STILL FUNDING GNEP? Stop lying to us. As to John Hall's contention that things are different...WANT TO MAKE A WAGER Mr. Music Man? Following suit, Hilliary again place her DEAD MARKER on the table by reintroducing her own failed legislation from SERIOUS can she be when she got NOT ONE SPONSOR last year?

Riverkeeper...if you care counting on them to SAVE US, forget about it...they did not even have Indian Point on their TOP SIX priority list for 2007! Kennedy needs to take his head out of the sand...his and Riverkeeper's ostrich impression has grown old and stale.

The new office for Green Nuclear Butterfly was officially opened at 6:09 this evening with a nice bottle of's cozy, and if any of you would like to stop in for coffee and a chat, drop us an email: Lastly...can someone send us a copy of the March Penthouse? LOL

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