Friday, February 16, 2007

While the Earth Burns... a Night at Greendrinks

(From left to right: Model Persiana, RemyC, Model Fierce. Photo courtesy Margaret Lydecker.)
Sherwood's been at me to write up something about Greendrinks the other night... He was sick as a dog, so he didn't make the promised trek down to Manhattan. There's always next month... He quit smoking a few weeks ago, a two pack a day habit, for 20 years... and he picked NOW to do this? Went through withdrawal chills for a week, spewing out chunks of lung... nice. Hang in there my man, take in some fresh air, gobble some pro-biotics, amino acids, and zinc. You'll be better than new, in what, nine months?!? Hopefully by then, we'll have Indian Point mothballed, and John Hall cutting the green ribbon at his alternative energy center!

But I'm getting way ahead of myself... How are we going to do this? And how will expressing a strategy, sharing it openly with Entergy and our friends at the NRC, on these here public pages, going to work? May I have your attention please...
Greendrinks is the brainchild of Edwin Datschefski in the UK. Greendrinks is now an international phenomena, with chapters in nearly every major city in the world. Ed was the first contributor to my website The Environmentals dedicated to producing photos of models with nuclear power plants to draw renewed attention to the issue. Ed and I met online while blogging about green design. At the time I was helping Angela Lindvall gather information for her Collage Foundation, and conceptualized magazine. Ed was one of the first to join the LuMag list in 2001.

I finally made the trek to my first Greendrinks in Manhattan when fashion model environmentalist Summer Rayne Oakes and I were working to launch PlanetTV with the Turner Media Group, and John Howell, once editor of Hemp Times and ELLE magazine. TMG owns and operates a string of home shopping cable networks. They envisioned transforming their Healthy Living TV into PlanetTV... it never materialized... but by then, Summer and I had built SpongeTV, a green mobile TV links portal, which TreehuggerTV put to good use to launch their own online TV channel.

Greendrinks NYC is hosted by Margaret Lydecker, a principal at NICHE, a modern design firm focused on creating beautiful contemporary interiors and furniture with an emphasis on sustainability. She has worked tirelessly to assemble the best and the brightest green wannabes in her salon every month, without fail, with the help of many friends. The holiday Christmas party found over 800 people there... the one last Tuesday in the Red Room at Park, the same space I held my Lü magazine party a couple months ago, saw the room packed to the brim... with people spilling out into the glassed in garden, with NBC television chronicling the proceedings.

I think Greendrinks NYC may also owe some of its steady, gradual rise, to the ICI-nyc party Summer Rayne Oakes, Josh Dorfman, Chuck Heckman and myself hosted at the nightclub Libation last year. I enlisted the participation of Brian Howard, the director of IT at E magazine. We were able to email 20.000 invitations to a who's who of the environmental and fashion community. ICI-nyc saw 1400 people walk through the doors. After my partners in this affair decided they did not want to make it a regular event, it seems as if Greendrinks inherited momentum the ICI-nyc party gave to the green fashion an design scene in Manhattan.

Josh wasn't there on Tuesday. There was in fact very few familiar faces. It seemed to be all new people who are discovering this amazing networking event, where everyone attends to save the planet. Josh is busy putting the finishing touches on a book, named after his radio show: The Lazy Environmentalist. Josh was raised in Westchester County. He's been conditioned by years of Entergy lies to beleive Indian Point is safe. He refuses to invite anti-nuclear activists on his show. To Josh, Indian Point is a non-issue, nuclear power is the solution to global warming. Josh calls himself an environmentalist. His mom and dad drive a Prius. He runs his factory space in a very environmentally friendly way... yet he cannot bring himself to understand, that a leaking fuel rod pool at Indian Point threatens all the good green works he and his friends are doing in New York. It's very frustrating.

Josh also won't pay any heed to so-called more radical environmental organizations, so there is no mention of E magazine in his book's resources... or Eco-Chick, or any of my work. We've become non-entities in this man's consciousness. Could it be because we're not lazy? We're passionate, we're desperate? These are not enviable qualities in Josh's green world, which seems to be more about crafting a commercially viable green branding image, rather than carving a new social movement that will remove corporate environmentals criminals from power.

I'm only using Josh as an example. I like the guy... I just think he's lazy, by his own admission! Many in the green design community sadly reflect the same inability to grasp the reality of the nuclear situation. They can't wrap their head around it. We have a war machine out of control, destroying the planet, a billion cars, going round and round, spewing toxic poisons, because MIT can't find it in its heart to commercialize state-of-the-art solid state li-ion batteries they own license to, because the military-industrial complex and the energy companies they answer to, do not want to see an end to the internal combustion engine.

Talk of such things relegates you to the far corners of conspiracy theory. It isolates you socially and politically. As a child, I was the subject of much attention, as the grandson of Gurdjieff, a Russian philosopher who was credited by Timothy Leary for introducing Quantum Theory to the West. By the time I was in my early twenties, I was prive to a myriad of classified energy projects my grandfather's work had seeded, which had been compartmentalized by intelligence factions within the Trilateral Commission.

In 1973, I was asked to join this top secret intelligence community. After a two hour interview at the Secretary of the Treasury, with Zbigniew Brzezinski quietly listening in the other room, it became clear to them I was too much of a wild card to allow into their world. Yet their dearest project had been a direct result of my efforts. I have kept their secrets for over 30 years. I can no longer remain silent, because this technology they harbor under the guise of national security, is the same technology we need to save the planet.

I know that to someone like Josh, this may seem like so much fantasy, because let's face it, he's lazy, and he's never really bothered to read about quantum mechanics, or pay much attention to the billions of dollars spent each year in this country on black budget and secret military programs... and how many of these programs ravage pristine wilderness, far away from public scrutiny. I doubt he has ever spoken to Jennifer Bogo, who paid her dues as a managing editor for E The Environmental magazine, and is now a senior editor at Popular Mechanics after a stint at Audubon. She's in great deal responsible for the greening going on at Popular Mechanics, a magazine, lets not forget, who has featured Area 51 on its cover more than once. A magazine which questions what is really going on behind the velvet curtain.

We now have hundreds of secret base workers, military men, aerospace engineers, who have publicly come out, through the Disclosure Project, many featured on the Fastwalkers DVD to tell the world, that yes, indeed, there are compartmentalized factions stemming from the Pentagon that have developed radically new energy systems... the instance of UFO sightings around the world, especially now that video is so readily available, has been constantly rising. Millions of people in Mexico and Brazil have seen machines defying gravity appear in their skies. This is no longer dismissible as mass hallucination or mental fabrication. This is the reality of the situation. We are not alone, and/or secret military programs have developed and are flying gravity defying machines.

Our government, factions of our government, have been lying to the American people about what they consider to be a military ace in the hole they harbor at tax payer's expense, hiding energy technologies which today, could save our bacon from this Global Warming mess. So we can't be lazy so close to our goal. We must instead double our resolve, not take no for an answer, when the NRC, which is but an extension of DoE, which is but an extension of DoD... all departments set in place to enforce the National Security Act of 1947, which was passed for the sole purpose of classifying any and all innovative energy conversion technology of a sensitive nature to national security, making it solely the property of Defense.

We're now living in dangerous times, some say maybe even the end times, where the intelligence services of foreign nations know that America hides the solutions to Global Warming at Area 51 and other not so secret bases around the globe. There are organizations now dedicated to lifting the veil of secrecy, comprised of many insiders, like Arcos Cielos in Arizona. This is why the pressure is mounting... this is why we have a puppet in the White House and Darth Vader Cheney pulling his strings... This is why the situation has become so critical... and why I can no longer remain silent about what I know, despite my allegiance to the project, and the many childhood friends I have left behind who are still a part of it.

I naively thought that over time and good will, man would pull himself by his bootstraps and adopt the soft energy path, to restore the balance of ecological systems. I have worked diligently all my life trying to assist humanity in this effort. Yet since Earth Day 1970... we still have all nuclear power plants running full steam, bigger than ever automobiles, and lazy environmentalists afraid to tell it like it is, for fear of losing a cushy book deal, cutting out old friends from his text, for being too out there for comfort.

This probably isn't the kind of report Sherwood had in mind when he asked me to sit down and write... but I'm a trapped animal right now... between a rock and hard place... under the gun, under the microscope, who like Sherwood, has sworn to shut down Indian Point, albeit for slightly different reasons. We've each looked down the pants of Uncle Sam... we don't like the smell... that smell is all over us now, like a bad dream... yet we intend to set it right, with the power that the web affords us... there are thousands, there are perhaps millions in America today, who think like us, who are not affected by the green is the new black scene, or the green is the new red, white and blue scene... Green is green, it's the color of leaves on trees, radiating at the highest crest intensity of the electromagnetic spectrum, giving life to all things. This is what we need to restore, natural systems... we can't keep cutting down the lungs of the planet for burger meat, or making ethanol out of GMO corn when hemp could produce four times the yield. It's not enough buying organic cotton t-shirts, or sustainable wood furniture, we must all get our hands dirty to remove the bastards from power and restore Excalibur to its rightful owners.


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Word man.

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Nuclear facilities present the perfect target for any terrorist muslim,domestic or false flag as well as fact that usable uranium is running out.

The Trilateral Commission is the top of corporate oligarchy, they are meeting in Brussels 16-19 March & Washington next year.