Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Entergy Business Expo Demo Cancelled, on account of burn out!

Well, it looks like Entergy dodged a bullet this morning... Sherwood and I decided to bow out of our commitment to attend the Entergy sponsored 2007 Business Expo tomorrow.

There are a few reasons for this... The main one being Sherwood is in great pain from his broken arm... he explained something about pinched nerve endings hurting real bad... I empathize.

The other is I live in Weston, CT as many of you know, and the trek back and forth from Peekskill has taken its toll on my resource. Since there hasn't been any real visible interest from anti-nuclear residents in Peekskill to come out in support of Sherwood and I for this action, I felt we did what we could. It's now up to the people of surrounding communities to take matters in their own hands. Time to realize you're brow beaten and pick up your pitch forks guys! Honestly!

If you are not able to do this, if the good people of Rockland and Westchester county, do not see the necessity to attend a Business Expo sponsored by Entergy to voice their opposition to the unwanted business Entergy brings to their community, I am at a loss as to what more I can do. Entergy wins by default, you are letting them win... no Independent Safety Assessment will shut down this plant... it's just a shell game to them.

So, my schedule has suddenly gotten extremely busy, with three separate PR events I have committed helping around the country, which stand to do more long term to benefit our fight to shut down Indian Point than protesting this little business expo could if nobody shows up for it.

Since everybody seems to be too busy to come out for this, well so am I.

There are other things Sherwood and I are planning that will have much more impact and consequence. Loose lips sink ships. We're not giving up, just taking a breather, recharging our batteries. We've been at this none stop for nearly three months, with little or no support from the peanut gallery, criticism from all sides for our tactics... while behind the scenes, off the record, people come up to say keep up the good work. It's wonderful, but where's the $$$ you know? Sherwood and I are not made of cash.

There comes a time when you either put up or shut up. So if all the anti-nuclear funds goes to organizations who clock in 9 to 5 rather than see this as a call to arms... you do the math... where would your money be better spent? With us constantly doing research, raising hell, driving nails in... or the same old organizations playing it safe, doing business as usual? Organizations who at the flip of a hat, if they really wanted to, could put a hundred people or more at any one place to protest the Entergy NorthEast LLC.

Bottom line, Robert Kennedy Jr. is just a big fat pussy!

Anyone who had intended to attend, please don't let this sudden running out of steam by your two unpaid hired guns discourage you from doing something on your own... We in fact would very much like to get a report from the Expo. We'll post it here.

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