Friday, March 30, 2007

Hilary On Indian Point and Nuclear-Forked Tongued Conniving Bitch!

When I saw that Hilary Clinton had NO CO-SIGNERS for her 2006 bill calling for an ISA at Indian Point, I began having serious doubts about her, and her sincerity in helping us close down these aging and deadly reactors, and specifically Indian Point. Then, I went through the FEC records, and found she'd been taking money from Entergy, and the nuclear industry, and gave little credence to her re-introduction of the same legislation this year. Then, while over on the arch enemies web site (NEI-Nuclear Energy Institute), found the video below shot in South Carolina, and realized she's nothing more than a two faced, forked tongued lying bitch.

For all you that will write me nasty notes, don't bother...I'm not the first person to call Hillary a bitch, and will not be the last. Besides, in her case the shoe fits perfectly...Hilliary is all about herself, and will do and say anything to climb her way to the top of the garbage heap that is Washington, DC.

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