Friday, March 30, 2007

White Nuclear Snowflake's Theory On Earth's Core A Bit Whacked

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, so I was pleased when Indian Point/Entergy set one of their minions to the task of countering the Green Nuclear Butterfly blog with one of their own which mimics ours, and is known as the White Nuclear Snowflake. I can always tell when my articles are striking a nerve, as the blog's author (Druther John), in some drug induced haze, starts putting up rubbish in an attempt to discredit our message and facts...even funnier, in a feeble attempt to steal our traffic flow, they even steal our blog name as one their TAGS...truly pathetic there John Boy.

Apparently, we have been stepping on some big toes this week over at Entergy's Indian Point, as they have been busy on their blog...problem is, their supposed science is a bit fuzzy, and in some ways could be used as the perfect argument against widespread use of nuclear energy. In his latest post, Truther John, painting with bold strokes makes the following argument for nuclear:
Without the uranium's warming power, life would probably not have arisen on this planet, and without the uranium, life certainly would not continue, as the oceans would freeze, and earth would be an ice ball.

Now, we all know that uranium quantities on/in the earth are limited...perfect proof of this is the ever growing price of uranium on the spot market. Further, if you study the DOE website, you can find plans to mine uranium out of our oceans with large sea going mining operations as world supplies grow ever smaller.

Following Druther John's line of argument to its natural conclusion would see a world devoid of uranium dying a slow and violent death as all life forms freeze to death. Stay off the peyote buttons there Grasshopper.

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