Monday, March 26, 2007

Flashback 1984...UFOs Over Indian Point!!!

Billy Booth of About writes:
On March 26, 1983, an article about the sightings appeared on the front page of the Westchester-Rockland Daily Item. They received over 300 calls from individuals who had seen the strange V-shaped lights on the night of March 24, 1983 alone.
Some of the witnesses got a close enough look to say that the craft was large enough to be a "flying city."All in all, about 5,000 reports were made during a period of five years, from 1982 through 1986.

A report made from guards at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant would be one of the most dramatic. The gigantic UFO was seen hovering over the plant for periods of time, and moved as close as 30 feet from the reactor.
Security supervisors even once considered ordering in planes to have it shot down. The object over Indian Point was described by some of the guards as 1,000 feet long.
Philip J. Imbrogno in Incident At Indian Point wrote:
In-depth report on the very dramatic sighting of a UFO by New York State Power Authority Police officers stationed at the Indian Point Nuclear reactor in Buchanan, New York. The guards at the Indian point complex had a close encounter with a UFO that has been appearing in the Hudson Valley area of New York for the past six years.
The interview took place on September 12, 1984 in Peekskill, New York at a local restaurant, at about 10:00pm. With me during the interview was UFO researcher Fred Dennis, Fairfield Connecticut police Lt. George Lesnick and Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) attorney Peter Gersten. Six of the guards showed up and because of the lateness of the hour, we were only able to talk in depth with three at that time.
The interview can be read in its entirety on the EndSecrecy list.


maliki said...

Yes, I recall this sighting. I saw it as it passed slowly over Sing Sing prison in Westchester County.

I saw what seemed to be the same thing a few years later one night as it passed quietly above Green Haven Prison. It seemed to be no more than fifty yards above the prison, lights all around it's hull, gliding slowy and very quitely above as we stood in the yard and looked up at it.We could only see the lights surrounding a great form that was blacker than the night sky. It was during the month of Ramadhan. Some of the men said that the lighs looked like a bunch of planes flying in formation in the night sky execpt there was no engine sounds. It was totally quiet.

Frank R. Santariga said...

That same night my brother and hundreds of others saw an enormous object over the Merritt Parkway in Fairfield, CT. You can read the entire story in my book "Paranormal Family and Friends".