Friday, April 13, 2007

Demand Closure of Indian Point Until Siren System Functions

As was predicted, Entergy is submitting a letter to the NRC asking again for more time to get the Siren System up and running. We need to call, write letters, fax and send email to the NRC opposing this request, and demanding the reactors be shut down until such time as the siren system has recieved its passing grade.

Region I (Philadelphia):
Diane Screnci, Neil A. Sheehan

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Entergy asks NRC for siren activation start up delay
One of the new sirens
Buchanan – Entergy, the company that owns the Indian Point nuclear power plants in Buchanan, Friday will ask the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for an extension on the timetable it needs to have its new emergency warning siren system up and running.

It was supposed to be turned on this weekend in the 10-mile warning radius around the plants; however, the last of three test sounds Thursday ended with poor results including the failure of all of the sirens in Putnam County, said Entergy spokesman James Steets.

“It seems that we are having trouble with the radio communications aspects where the microwaves and transmission through the topography there just isn’t getting to a receiver and sorting out the data, which would then activate the sirens,” he said. “Our contractor is working diligently on that.”

Senator Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, said the failure of over 30 sirens is “extremely troubling.” She said the failures are “deeply alarming,” particularly in light of a fire and shutdown of the Indian Point Unit 3 facility last week.

As a result of the poor test results, Entergy will formally apply for an extension from the NRC on placing the new system into service. This is the second extension being sought. In January, Entergy sought and was granted an extension until April 15.

Steets said the work to resolve the problems could take two weeks; however, a specific timetable is unclear at this time.

The company said it will also address during the requested extension a concern raised by FEMA relating to the volume of the sirens.

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