Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Entergy Is Not State Farm

As hard as they try to pretend the part of State Farm, Entergy is not and well never be your good neighbor. In their latest bogus attempt at being Mr. Goodfellow, seems they have announced plans to provide funds for summer youth resources in Brattleboro, Vermont. The premise it seems is to get youth and families involved in FUN, HEALTY summer activities.

We here at the Green Nuclear Butterfly can see the memo making game suggestions:
1. Ring Around The Reactor
2. Enriched Uranium Pellet Toss
3. Spent Fuel Pool Wading

For a tie breaker, they can always pull out the ever popular greased Fuel Rod Climbing event, or for the very daring at heart, reactor core diving.

Brattleboro needs to tell Entergy they can keep their radioactively contaminated blood money.

Summer resources for youth receive funding from Entergy
Wednesday, April 11
BRATTLEBORO -- Youth Services announces the debut of Summer Resources for Healthy Youth and Families, a four-part initiative sponsored by Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee to help youth and their families located healthy and productive summer activities.
These resources include the Summer Events Calendar, the Summer Camp Fair, a Summer Jobs Bulletin, and the HEY! Help Empower Youth Resource Guide.

The Summer Events Calendar links younger youth to camps and summer programs through a Reformer insert that appeared on Saturday, with additional copies delivered to schools, libraries, and other locations across the county that families frequent, including Youth Services web page.

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