Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Vulnerable Is Indian Point? Are We One Rocket Away From Chernobyl On Hudson?

Could Your Child Find The Water Intakes On This Diagram? If They Can, So Can A Terrorist!

Every time there is an incident at Entergy's failing, leaking, brittling reactors, such as Vermont Yankee or Indian Point 2 and 3 we know the party line of the NRC and its licensee, can almost recite it blind folded. There was no off site release of radioactive materials, and the general public was never at any immediate risk. First evil cruelty on the part of the NRC and its licensee is that little line of IMMEDIATE RISK. Unless metal scrapnel from the explosion at Indian Point had flown off site and struck someone dead, there is no immediate risk or, poisonous chemical fumes floating off site in a gentle breeze and being breathed in might cause someone some latent negative health effects or risks, but they don't want to discuss that. The claim of no immediate danger or risk somehow absolves them.

They want the host community to falsely believe there is no risk to living in the ten mile radius of death around a nuclear reactor, want you to buy into their lie of Nuclear Energy as a safe, vital and secure Green Energy that is going to save you and the world from Global Warming. They will even try to convince, that in the case of a major incident, you have NOTHING AT ALL TO WORRY ABOUT if you just shut your doors and windows, and SHELTER IN PLACE for a few hours or days. Kids in school, not a problem, they have it all planned out, the kids can duct tape plastic on the windows, eat no bake cookies and hide under their desks to ride out the radioactive fallout! Before you buy into that lie, might want to check out Condi Rice's State Department site...they speak of sheltering that could last a couple of weeks.

During the 2003 BLACKOUT, 21 nuclear reactors, all dependent on offsite power for safety operations, were immediately shut down in the US and Canada. Even more troubling, five nuclear power stations in New York and Wisconsin admitted that over half of their emergency sirens WERE NOT WORKING due to the outage! Any one want to place a bet that Indian Point was on that list? In severe weather, when off site electric goes down, NRC has a fist full of examples of onsite back up generators failing, including a case in a South Carolina nuclear power plant, where all four diesel generators were found inoperable due to a common mode failure.

Which begs the question, how safe are we if there is a terrorist attack at Indian Point, and how easily could they cause a core melt down? Three recent events at Indian Point show us that the reactors are in DEEP TROUBLE if the water intakes are some how impinged. First, Entergy makes it very easy to figure out the location of these intakes, as site maps smiliar to the one above are liberally posted all over the the map to an eight read old, and they can identify the location of said water intakes, so how hard would it be for a terrorist to put two and two together and come up with four?

Can here the pro nuke naysayers now accusing me of being and over imaginative freak who has smoked too much bud again...but ask yourselves this question. If a Penthouse Pet of The Month can drive a Prius almost up to the rivers edge and stare out across the Hudson River at Indian Point's reactor domes, what is to keep a band of determined terrorists from driving up to the same spot and drawing a bead on the plants 2 and 3 intake valves? With no water, the control room staff cannot save any of us.

You can ignore the truth right in front of your eyes, pretend that you and your children aare safe, or you can join the crusade to shut down and decommission these reactors before it is to late.

Betcee Checking Out The Reactor Domes!

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