Thursday, April 12, 2007

Summer Rayne Speaks Out on Nukes... The day we've ALL been waiting for... the sun will come out...

Summer Rayne Oakes, currently featured posing with a Tango in the May not-so-green issue of Vanity Fair, the same electric car Georges Clooney drives around Los Angeles, writes on her blog:

"If as much of the $73 billion dollars in R&D subsidies for nuclear power that the federal government has spent in the last 60 years was put towards clean, benign, renewable technologies, we’d be in a much better position in protecting our health and our planet. I’m looking forward to lobbying and working with my political representatives in envisioning a smarter path in this critical time of action."
Might this mean Summer has a call in to Congressman John Hall?
Thanks to Green Apple Guide author Ben Jervey, we also heard from Bill McKibben this morning, a keynote speaker on April 14th down in Battery Park for the Step It Up Sea of People rally, where the NoNukes concert was held back in 1980.
"If you want to hand me $2 billion to build a nuclear reactor, I can show you two billion things to do with it that would get you a lot more carbon bang for the buck, mostly to do with conservation. Spend that money going around your state and refitting every industrial motor to make it three times as efficient. Go stuff insulation in every old house in your state. Take your $2 billion and go to Wal-mart and buy compact florescent bulbs, and mail them at random to everybody in the phone book, and you'd get more bang for your buck than building a nuclear power plant."
I need to remind Bill that florescent bulbs were "so... ten years ago" and horribly toxic to the environment in both manufacture and disposal, much more so than incandescent, and that the SOLUTION today are LEDs, solid state... tunable, recyclable, while getting the same lumens for 6% of the juice of CFBs.
The ONLY reason Utilities and Wal-Mart are NOW "pushing" CFBs is to take attention away from LEDs... because they "know" the minute the price of LEDs drop... and they quickly will, because the manufacturing process is a lot simpler, mainstreamed... the Utilities are plum out of luck... Major cities have already been switching ALL their traffic lights over to LEDs... to a savings of not only electricity, but massive electrical bills.
LEDs... PVs... solid state batteries... it's ALL the same electronic engineering chemistry... it's all nano next-gen "now"... not in ten or twenty years... we're talking the retrofit of the WHOLE planet... to have "zero" footprint... with electronic devices that have their toxicity easily controlled cradle to cradle (3M... McDonough) That's the rEVolution they are trying to steer away from mainstream attention... they don't want someone to come along and put it all together... they don't want the marriage of polymer and electronics... they don't want a green empire to spell the end of electricity as a commodity... nobody will want to buy the milk if they can get the cow for free... the cow in this instance is the sun.

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Dennis F. Nester said...

"Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water," Albert Einstein once said.
Letter to the Editor,

The aim of nuclear power is spent fuel rods (nuclear waste) from
which weapons are made. Atom bombs, easier are dirty bombs,
so-called depleted uranium ordinance, not electricity, That is why
40 sovereign countries have nuclear power.

Dr. John Gofman says there is no safe dose of man-made ionizing
radiation. We should not add to it with new nuclear power plants.
Nuclear power is the most dangerous form of electricity. It is the
heat which makes steam that powers electric generators. Albert
Einstein once said, "Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil

Liability is paid by the tax payer under the Price/Anderson Act.
Electric rate payers subsidize nuclear power and waste disposal.
There is big money and political power in nuclear waste, in killing
people, in a toxic regime. Nuclear power pollutes the environment
and will not stop global warming according to studies.

The late Dr. Roy, professor of physics emeritus, told
me that nuclear power would kill us all. Fast, through
atom bombs, or slow, through radioactive environmental
contamination. He gave us the Roy Process which is
backwards engineering of what a nuclear power plant
produces, namely plutonium 239 for atom bombs and
heat that makes steam which makes electricity. The trick
was to make you pay for your own doomsday.

Make no mistake, studies show nuclear power will not
stop global warming. Depopulating the planet will not
save it. Lying does not work anymore! You can not fool
Mother Nature forever. At some point she sends the bill
and we will pay it with our money and our lives.

Dr. Helen Caldicott's new book, "Nuclear Power Is Not
the Answer To Global Warming" contains correct

Dr. Roy said science was a two edged sword. One can
use it to heal or to kill. A decision how to use science
is made, usually by who signs the pay checks.
Sunday, November 4, 1979
Process may kill radiation threat
Copyright, 1979. The Arizona Republic

TEMPE -- An internationally recognized Arizona State University physicist disclosed Saturday that he has discovered a method for treating nuclear reac­tor and other highly dangerous radioactive wastes so they will be harmless.

The procedure was conceived by Dr. Radha R. Roy professor of nuclear physics who is the designer and former director of nuclear-physics research fa­cilities at the University of Brussels In Belgium. and at Pennsylvania State Uni­versity.

Roy said the process “very roughly can be described in part as a reversal of phenomena that occur during a nuclear fission chain reactions.

The scientist said the process is the culmination of many years research

“Theoretical analysis and mathematical calculations confirm the process is highly effective and that any level of radio activity, from weak to strong. Can be reduced to harmless state in a short period of time,” Roy said.

The thing that is so encouraging is that the method can cancel radioactivity rapidly enough for it to be of r real practical value in disposing of dangerous wastes in storage and as they are being produced, Roy said.

One treatment-plant design which Roy has devised could reduce the radioac­tivity of even the most dangerous wastes with half-lives or 15,000 to 40,000 years to a level where they would be essentially harmless in about 20 days.

A half-life is the time required for a quantity of radioactive material to lose one half of its radioactive strength.

Roy, who left his native Calcutta, India. to do advanced nuclear- physics re­search at the University of London during World War II, said all the necessary theoretical and quantum electrodynamical work on the process has been completed.

“There remains perhaps as much as a years work in calculating parameters and preparing data that will he needed for the engineering design of a pilot radio­active waste-treatment plant’ he said.

Roy is known internationally among scientists for his many advanced research contributions in the field of nuclear fission fragments and as the author of de­finitive graduate and post-doctoral textbooks used in universities all over the world. “During the 37 years since the first fission chain reaction there has been no progress whatever toward the development of a method of deactivating radioactive waste or even for storing it safely,” he said.

“The collections of dangerous nuclear wastes in this country alone have now reached a total of at least 75 million gallons, and it is growing daily.”

He estimated an operational nuclear waste-treatment plant could cost $40 mil­lion or more. By contrast, he noted, Congress last summer appropriated $80 million just to build more concrete storage bunkers to hold only a part of the growing accumulation of nuclear wastes.

“Since it is so very dangerous to ship strongly radioactive materials it would certainly be sensible to build a treatment plant for each reactor so radioactivity could be killed out before the waste is transported anywhere" the scientist said.

Roy said that the national danger from nuclear waste is "extremely serious" and urged the federal government to build treatment plants near established nuclear waste storage areas. Other treatment plants should be constructed to kill out the radioactivity in the wastes from the nation's weapons programs and from its educational, industrial, medical and experimental research facilities he said.

Roy warned that waste containing plutonium 239 is "critically dangerous" because of its extremely high radioactivity and also because it is the essential ingredient in an atomic bomb.

The treatment process not only will render plutonium 239 harmless in a remarkably short time, he said, but also will keep deactivated plutonium from ever being reprocessed to make an illegal atomic weapon.

Roy further warned that the United States not only is exporting nuclear energy when it sells reactor technology to foreign nations, but also is sending overseas the potential for making illegal bombs out of plutonium from reprocessed nuclear wastes.

The treatment method will guarantee to foreign countries that use nuclear fission energy that they can maintain an environment free from radioactivity, and it also could guarantee to the world that there will be no reuse of plutonium in an unauthorized weapon, he said. Careful theoretical and mathematical analysis have assured him that the nuclear waste- treatment process will function reliably and with rapidity and high efficiency, he said.

"But the existence of this promising nuclear waste-treatment procedure should not be construed in any sense to mean that nuclear fission power reactors are safe" Roy said. The contractor who built Three Mile Island's reactor-like those who built the other 71 reactors now operational in the United States -- expected that plant to function normally for 30 years in total safety without event .But the fact is that it went out of control and nearly created a meltdown which could have destroyed a large part of the human habitat of east-central Pennsylvania,'' Roy said.


From the Patent application claim:


Dr. Roy released his Roy Process to the press in 1979.
Scientists of a large company saw the Patent application under non-
disclosure agreements and said the Roy Process was "entirely feasible".
Dr. Roy was offered millions of dollars for the patent rights.
NOT to develop it...but to shelve it. Dr. Roy refused.

Then President Ronald Reagan signed
the 1982 Nuclear Waste Policy Act which made "geologic isolation" (burial)
of nuclear waste, federal policy, putting viable alternatives in scientific limbo.
Now after wasting hundreds of billions of tax payers money on junk science,
nuclear waste has leaked into our precious ground water.

Dr. Roy was right. There IS only one way to eliminate high level
nuclear waste and that is to photon transmute it and produce electricity.

No need to move spent fuel rods to Yucca Mt., vitrification, dry casks, etc.