Wednesday, May 9, 2007

DOE and NRC Conference Participants Mailing List Found On Internet!

Imagine my surprise when I did a Google search for an individual, and found not one, but two very substantial contact lists. One each from a NRC and a DOE conference. If you ever wanted to send out a mailing of your Anti Nuclear message to the other side for educational purposes, these are the two lists to use.

NRC's Comprehensive Contact List For 2006 Conference Participants-Great mailing list for those wanting to send out your Anti-Nuclear Message. Includes names, organization, address, phone, and in most cases their email address. Found doing a Google Search by person's name. If I were any of these people, would be thinking twice about NRC's ability to protect information. If the document gets taken down, contact the GNB for the Publicly Available and downloaded mailing list.

Also found in the same name search is a similar participants contact list for a conference on Hydrogen Energy hosted by DOE! No email addresses, but everything else is included.

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