Sunday, May 6, 2007

Reflections In The Nuclear Mirror

This past Friday morning I went in to see my surgeon, and get the cast I've been sporting taken off. For those who have seen me this month you have seen the words on my cast of, "Nukes, Just Say No." My surgeon's nurse had not seen that message until I went into the office on Friday, and when she viewed it, our relationship was changed forever...she lives in Buchanan, grew up there her entire life, sees Indian Point under its various owners as a good thing for her, for her family, and her small Buchanan community, and does not believe anyone but Buchanan should have a say in what happens with Entergy's attempt to re-license the aging facilities/reactors on the site.

I was there to have my cast off, there for medical treatment, but instead found myself confronted by this nurse with whom I'd always had a pleasant relationship. People in Buchanan would have to sell their homes if Indian Point were to be closed down, as many families could not afford the raise in property taxes that would occur if the reactors were closed. People, her friends and family would lose their good paying jobs, could lose the comfortable life they have carved out for themselves. I countered with the elevated cancer risks, she said, "So what, we are all going to die some day anyway." it's hard to argue with that kind of logic.

She did not want to hear about the leaks, cared not one bit about the strontium 90 and the tritium leaking into the Hudson River. Tried to discuss core degradation, and again was all but shouted down by a once pleasant nurse charged with tending to at least part of my medical care.
If Indian Point's dangerous reactors are decommissioned, I am sure that some will lose their jobs, sure there will be a difficult period of adjustment for some, especially in Buchanan, who at least financially has benefited from having Indian Point's tax base in their small community, picking up their tab, keeping their property taxes low in comparison to the other communities surrounding them. The problem is, it is not fair for Buchanan, nor the 1200-1500 people who work at Energy's Indian Point to ask the larger community around the plant to risk everything to protect them, and their financial gravy train. Cancer rates in and around Indian Point (both Westchester and Rockland counties) when compared to the national averages are short, people have died because Indian Point operates in our community, and more will continue to do so as long as the plant continues to do so. Those lost jobs, and increased property taxes in a small community pale to a point of insignificance when compared to that stark reality.
Entergy, its employees, and all those in the pro-nuclear community attack those of us on the other side as fear mongers, and far worse. They attack us, both in 3D real life, and out on the world wide web as pariahs, and societal misfits who need to be locked away. Talk about character assassination at its finest. What's odd, is that this person or persons who are attacking me have put up dozens of these blogs, even stooped to stealing the GNB (Green Nuclear Branding) in an attempt to keep traffic down on this blog, to discourage people from our message. As the expression goes, thou doth protest to much. If there were not some, even a lot of truth in the Green Nuclear Butterfly's word, no one would be working so hard to assassinate the character of it's publisher, no one would work so diligently at trying to silence my voice.
The pro-nuclear side accuses us of a stubborn refusal to discuss the facts...attacking someones character, telling half truths, and going after their families...what does the nuclear industry call that, how do they justify such tactics from those working for them? The end justifies the end, do whatever it takes to silence the voice of the anti Indian Point side for the supposed greater good of re-licensing? What is next for the publisher of these hate blogs aimed squarely in my direction? Rocks thrown through the front window of my home, or perhaps a blazing burning cross?

The problem for Entergy and its condoned hate mongers, is that I am not the only voice crying out in the wilderness, not the only person drawing attention to these problem plagued, aging and brittling reactors that are contaminating the Hudson River. Further, I am not going any where, not intending on fading into the woodwork on this important issue. with each passing day, with each new problem with these aging reactors the voices calling for closure of the plants grows and multiplies. With each passing day, we get closer to that tipping point where the citizens say enough, and the public out cry becomes so loud that the NRC will have no choice but to do the right thing, and deny Entergy's application for license renewal.

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Evan said...

Decommissioning will take decades, and people will still work at the site long after.

Look at Maine Yankee