Sunday, May 6, 2007

Outside Magazine Names Spitzer Green All Star-More Like The Great Pretender

So, Outside Magazine wants us to believe our governor is Mr. Green Super Star, and touts some of his BATTLES! What they are failing to tell you,is that Spitzer is the eunuch with no balls when it comes to taking on Entergy and the failing Indian Point nuclear reactors that are ruining the Hudson River, leaking strontium 90 and tritium into our ground water. That apparently is fine by him as he plays games with the general public, three card Monty at its best as he pretends to want the facilities closed, but does everything in his power to keep them open. Where are the state of New York lawsuits against Indian Point, where is the executive order from the governor demanding and ISA, or better yet, closing them down...maybe Spitzer should spend more time governing, and keeping his campaign promises,and less time suckling at Entergy's Campaign trough.

Governor of New York
Spitzer, 47, won a whopping 69 percent of the vote last November, thanks in large part to his reputation as a fearless attorney general who's gone after sloppy power plants and noxious chemical factories that have failed to curb pollution. Here are some of his prizefights, past and present:

1. In 2000, Spitzer helped force coal-burning Virginia Electric Power Company to cut by about 70 percent its production of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide—infamous toxins that float hundreds of miles north and cause acid rain. The utility also coughed up a staggering $1.2 billion in fines and pollution control.

2. In 2003, Spitzer busted Dow AgroSciences for claiming its pesticide line Dursban was safe, despite repeated warnings from the EPA that an ingredient, chlorpyrifos, caused brain defects in kids. Spitzer sued Dow, which was dinged with a $2 million fine, at the time the largest for such a crime in U.S. history.

3. Last June, Spitzer joined a coalition of 15 other state governments to go after the EPA itself—for at least the third time. The goal was to stop electric companies from producing the 48 tons of mercury that poison waterways and fish and sicken up to 600,000 children each year. The suit is still pending, but given Spitzer's record, the EPA has reason to be nervous.
—Tim Neville


Anonymous said...

IP (3units) are 35 miles of NYC. The location was also 35 miles north of NYC when the decision to construct was made. Why so concerned today - apparently a good decison now has become a not so good decision. Just pool all your financial resources and purchase the plant from the Entergy stockholders and then you can handle as you wish.

Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean said...

Always amazes me how those pro-nuclear love to comment from the shadows.

The plant built 35 years ago, A) is not the plant it is today, and B)when that plant was built, the community agreed to be its host for 40 years, not 60.

Anonymous said...

8226 terrorist attacks since 9/11; zero against a nuclear power plant site. If we eliminate the 103 plants in the US then this number should follow a flat trend line.

Porgie Tirebiter, Royce Penstinger and Pinto Bean said...

Love your red much time had gone by before the first time planes were flown into the twin towers? You attempt to use self fulfilling numbers that hold no merit...Homeland Security cannot on one hand claim they have intelligence that terrorists are trying to target nuclear reactors,then on the other hand, ignore the risk of same.