Thursday, May 10, 2007

Neil Sheehan Admits Indian Point One Continues To Radiological Pollute Hudson River

We here at GNB had gotten reports (which we still believe true) that radioactively contaminated water from Indian Point 1 (which is supposed to be in SAFSTOR) was being carted off site to some unknown destination. I brought this allegation to the attention of Neil Sheehan, who said he would look into it, and get back to me.

In an email from him (copied below), he said the allegations were untrue. Water from Indian Point 1 after being treated was slowly being released into the Hudson River. In his letter, he assures us that the water is within legal limits...what he does not tell us, is a facility that has been shut down now for almost 30 years is still putting radioactive wastes into the Hudson River. What he also does not tell us, is that reactor 1 has been tied to Indian Point 2...what that means, is instead of reactor 1 being decommissioned and released in a period of not more than 60 years, its decommissioning will not begin until the decommissioning of unit 2 begins. That should be an unacceptable reality for everyone living in the community. One last note...with Barnwell being closed to Indian Points low level radioactive wastes beginning next year, where is that waste now going to be stored? At the facility!

Mr. Martinelli,

I checked with our technical staff. They inform me that while filters used in the cleanup of contaminated water at Indian Point 1 are disposed of off-site, at sanctioned facilities such as Barnwell in South Carolina, no water from the facility is being taken off-site. Any water collected there is treated, sampled and then eventually released in a slow, controlled manner into the river, provided that it is within allowable limits.

Neil Sheehan
NRC Public Affairs

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