Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Green Nuclear Butterfly Under Corporate Surveillance?

One of the nice things about the Internet, is you can to some degree tell when others are snooping around your blog...so, the question is, who has ordered Reputrace to snoop around on the Green Nuclear Butterfly blog? Maybe we should hire them to track down the thugs that have been maligning us on line. If I were a betting man, guessing it's associated with the email I got from and employee of First Energy.

Some of the quotes from RepuTrace that should get your attention as activist.


"After locating discussion about a planned environmental protest (3 busloads of protesters) outside a company's location on an on-line chat room, the RepuTrace Team sent an urgent notification-along with the located link-to the company's Corporate Security Department days in advance. As a result, the company was well prepared and deployed uniformed guards in place to ensure all civilian traffic had access to their location and effectively managed the protesters."

"After an environmental activist posted information and a video from a recent demonstration outside a corporation's head office on the Internet, a potentially dangerous comment was posted. The reply disclosed the residential addresses to the entire Board of Directors leaving them and their families open and susceptible to being the target of an act of violence by other like minded extremists." Oh my God, those extremists might have picketed in front of one of the Board of Directors homes! Can't have that social embarrassment now, can we?

This second one amuses me...I reported to both the NRC, and Entergy that an extremist from their side of the equation was outing my personal information, such as home address, where my wife worked, and they shrugged it off. However, if one of their executive's information that is found online gets published, it is a different set of standards?

Update: Seems many within the blogging community are not thrilled at RepuTrace's snooping.

Thursday, May 10, 2007
Victims Of RepuTrace Stalking Unite (CoreX)

Recently, I became aware of a sinister corporate beast slithering through the bloggosphere as various bloggers and their words came under the scrutiny of the RepuTrace! In the coming days and months as this blog is discovered, let the victims of RepuTrace's vile and sinister stalking of bloggers be brought into the light of day as we share our stories of how this blight appeared on our blogs. A visit to their site paints a disturbing picture of a company, and a software meant to stalk and silence our voices one blogger at a time, one environmental activist at a time.

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